Case study - how equipment helped Michael


Michael has been living in temporary accommodation following a period of rehabilitation in hospital since he had a serious road traffic accident which now means he is using a wheelchair.

His concerns

He would like to plan and purchase a fully accessible kitchen which allows him to independently cook for himself and on occasions hold dinner parties. He wants the kitchen to be modern, made to measure and to include accessories that will allow him to use a range of household gadgets independently.

The solution

He contacted a specialist kitchen company who discussed his needs for a new accessible fitted kitchen. He was able to incorporate the particular features he required and wanted. These included a pullout shelving in a corner unit, a pullout larder system and an induction hob. He included a hot and cold water dispenser in the design of the kitchen.

Why did he include these features?

The pullout corner unit allows him to access a range of saucepans and serving containers. The pullout larder system has a large storage capacity for a range of tins and packets he uses for cooking. The induction hob is much more responsive to use than traditional hobs and safer than gas, saves electricity and is easier to clean. The hot and cold water dispenser means he has instant hot water for making hot drinks or cooking food, for example, pasta, eliminating the need for carrying a kettle.

The outcome

He was delighted with the result. He was able to access all parts of the kitchen storage and cook as he wanted to.

To view the equipment solutions listed above, please click on the product images below.

Fitted and made-to-measure kitchens

Products: Fitted and made-to-measure kitchens

These kitchens are mainly made to measure kitchens for older and disabled people by specialist kitchen companies or high street companies which use standard fittings primariliy to provide an accessible kitchen

Corner carousel and pull and swing units

Products: Corner carousel and pull and swing units

These are a range of carousal units designed to give easier access to the space available in a corner cupboard

Pull-out larders, baskets and drawers

Products: Pull-out larders, baskets and drawers

A range of pull-out larders, shelving systems and tables

Ovens, hobs and accessories

Products: Ovens, hobs and accessories

Included in this section are ovens, hobs and accessories items with multiple features

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What is Ask SARA?

AskSARA is the Disabled Living Foundation (DLF)'s free online self assessment tool. AskSARA will ask you questions about yourself and your environment (in this instance, in the kitchen cupboard section using the worktops, sink and drawers, or questions about using kitchen appliances) and then offer relevant advice, product suggestions and supplier details.