Case study - how equipment helped Claire


Claire, age 26, who has spastic cerebal palsy lives in a group home with five other residents. She has signed up to a local college photography course with a few friends.

Her aspirations

Claire wants to be able to develop her photography skills further which is one of her main hobbies. She uses a switch-enabled computer and related software. She wants to purchase a suitable camera and send photos to her friends and family.

The solution

Claire searched for a switch enabled camera on the Internet and found the Living made easy cameras and photography section which gave her details of a suitable supplier. She decided to purchase a camera with a switch interface.

The outcome

Claire was able to use the camera with a switch to focus and take pictures. She was able to take pictures on her course and send them to frends and family from her computer.


Cameras and camcorders

Products: Cameras and camcorders

This section includes switch adapted or adaptable cameras and camcorders

Simple press switches

Products: Simple press switches

This section includes general purpose, pressure activated switches that can be operated using many parts of their body including the hand, elbow, head, foot or knee

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Disabled Photographers' Society provide technical advice or help with modifications and can advise on or supply supports on loan to enable photographers with a range of disabilities to use cameras and take photographs. They publish a magazine 'In focus.'