Pivotell Mk3-11 Automatic Pill Dispenser

Manufactured by Pivotell Ltd

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Battery operated pill timer dispenser.


  • internal tray containing 29 sections (one is designed to remain empty for transport)
  • tray rotates at preset times to dispense medication and sound alarm, up to 28 alarms in a day
  • alarm continues for up to 60 minutes or until the dispenser is tilted tipping the dose out of the appropriate section
  • circular plastic lid with lock
  • activation can be delayed to allow pharmacists or family members to fill the dispenser in advance away from the user's home
  • clock can be set to 12 or 24 hour display and is self adjusting for British Summer Time
  • low battery alert
  • dispenser upside-down alert
  • facility to review actual dose taken times for the previous 28 doses
  • spare internal cassettes are available for pre-filling by carers or a pharmacist
  • refill frequency will depend upon the number of daily medications doses required - once a day medication requires refill every 28 days, twice a day medication requires refill every 14 days, four times a day medication requires refill every seven days


  • integration with telecare careline systems


  • tipper to assist with turning dispenser over to dispense medication

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Product dimensions

No. of compartments29

Manufacturer's information

Manufacturer's contact details

Pivotell Ltd
PO Box 108
Saffron Walden
CB11 4WX
01799 550979

Manufacturer's description

The Pivotell Automatic Pill Dispenser Mk3/11, originally designed and patented in Sweden in 1997, offers substantial benefits for those on a regular pill regime who have difficulty remembering to take their medication. It can be simply programmed to alarm and present the pills in the lid opening when they are due. Only the medication that is due at that time can be taken. Pivotell Automatic Pill Dispensers have been widely used throughout the UK since 2002. With their enhanced functionality and proven reliability they have for many years been the preferred choice among professional care agencies within the NHS and Local Authority Social Services. The Mk 3/11 dispenser can hold up to 28 days supply of medication depending on how frequently medication is taken each day. It can be easily programmed using the three programming buttons which are used to set all of the functions. When it is time to take medication the internal tray rotates, the alarm sounds and the light flashes. The user then simply picks up the dispenser and tilts it to take the medication in the hand or suitable container. This cancels the alarm and flashing light. The dispenser will then wait until the next alarm time and repeat the process. The Pivotell Mk 3/11 dispenser has been continuously developed includes many advanced features including: Daily Alarm Times - 1-28 Compartments - 29 (for easy pharmacy filling one compartment is left empty) Automatic Daylight Saving adjustment (BST and GMT) Two compartments can be programmed to alarm at the same time (for those with many or large pills) Start delay function - to allow pharmacists or family members to easily fill in advance away from the user's home. Pharmacy label carrier and label case is supplied (to comply with Royal Pharmacy Society of Great Britain labelling requirements) Day / time discs supplied ( for 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 times daily dosage and one blank disc for five or more doses per day. Battery life - 12 months Battery level meter and warning indicator Secure battery case cover (screw provided) Spare trays, lids and time discs available Disposable tray system also available for off site filling by pharmacists. Pivotell Pill Dispenser Tipper is available for those with limited strength or wrist dexterity and those who might forget to turn the dispenser upright after dispensing their medication. Four different alarm sounds Flashing light for those with hearing impairment Lockable - only the medication due can be accessed by the user Audible warning alarm if dispenser is left upside down Integral interface is provided that enables the device to be linked to Telecare systems (e.g Lifeline / Carephone / Sayphone systems) The medication tray rotation is disabled if the dispenser is left upside down to avoid pill spillage.

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