Manufactured by Direct Mobility Supplies Ltd
Priced from £75  (Inc. VAT)

DLF's summary

Forearm crutch with adjustable height and forearm brace.

Product models

There are 2 models of this product available. Suppliers may not supply them all:

  • Maxi SmartCRUTCH
  • Midi SmartCRUTCH


  • adjustable forearm brace
  • adjustable height and platform angle
  • three forearm length settings
  • forearm platform padded with memory foam
  • flat tread rubber ferrule


  • available in different colours

Product dimensions


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Supplier details

Head office
9 Felthambrook Industrial Estate
Felthambrook Way
TW13 7DU
United Kingdom

Supplier details last checked:
07 March 2018

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Direct Mobility Supplies Ltd 's name for this product is SmartCRUTCH Their code/s for this product and any variants are:
  • - Maxi SmartCRUTCH
  • - Midi SmartCRUTCH
From £75 - £115
Inc. VAT
Available as Single or Pair

Checked by DLF on 07 March 2018

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Manufacturer's contact

Direct Mobility Supplies Ltd
9 Felthambrook Industrial Estate
Felthambrook Way
TW13 7DU
United Kingdom
020 8001 6823

Manufacturer's product description

The SmartCRUTCH is best suited to long term crutch users to save the wrist, hands, shoulders and arms from pain and strain. The innovative design allows the user to change the angle of the cuff and places the body weight on to the forearm whilst promoting a natural posture during use, in doing so allows the user to remain mobile for longer before fatigue sets in. The SmartCRUTCH comes in 12 different colours and designs. Spare parts and accessories are readily available from the

Ideal for people suffering from:

*. Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome
*. Rheumatoid Arthritis
*. Osteoarthritis
*. Fibromyalgia
*. Carpel Tunnel Syndrome
*. Lower limb amputee
*. Hip or knee replacement
*. Multiple Sclerosis
*. Guillain-Barre Syndrome
*. Lower limb fractures or injuries
*. Achilles Tendon injuries