Item locators

Item locators

This section includes fobs which flash or beep in response to a whistle or a button being pressed on a control board. These hand held locators can be used to find small items that may be misplaced such as keys. Small tags are attached to the items you wish to protect or locate. If you lose the item/s then pressing a button on the locator causes the lost item to bleep, thus guiding you towards it.

Some of the items in this section are available to borrow for free for two weeks in certain areas of the United Kingdom.

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Object Locator

Medpage Ltd T/A Easylink UK
From £20  (Exc. VAT)
DLF's information quality rating

Loc8tor Lite Item Locator

Loc8tor Ltd
From £60
DLF's information quality rating

Yepzon Tag Gps Tracker

Yepzon Group
From £99  (Inc. VAT)
DLF's information quality rating

Smartfinder Locator V3

Smart Finder c/o Gadgets UK
From £17  (Exc. VAT)
DLF's information quality rating

Click N Dig Object Locator

2Go Products LLC
From £17  (Exc. VAT)
DLF's information quality rating
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