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Locks, chains and keysafes

This section includes equipment to lock and secure doors.

Touch bar and touch pad release locks open a door in a modified way, for example by reversing a wheelchair against a touch bar. Once open, the door automatically re-locks when shut. For security reasons, the locks are more suited to internal doors. If used on an external door, the device can be positioned on the interior, however, a key locking system would have to be used on the external side.

Coded, programmable and automatic locks are operated by remote control. These may be suitable substitutes for traditional locks for people who have reduced power or dexterity for key operation. 

Bolts, locks and catches are available for exterior and interior doors, toilets and windows. Some locks have an emergency release mechanism. For bathroom and toilet locks it is useful to have an external sign indicating when the room is occupied.

Key safes are secure metal boxes which can be secured next to the door. A single copy of the key/s are placed inside but can only be retrieved by someone who knows the correct code to open the box. It is up to the person who they give the code to and they can change the code as often as they like. Units can be wall-mounted, have a locking shackle or be or attached to the top of a door and kept in place by closing the door.

Safety chains which offer an alternative to conventional safety chains are also included.

Big Box Key Safe
Key storage system operated by combination of push-buttons. Comprises: storage for multiple keys; wall-mounted; neoprene cover for protection from the...
Burton Police Approved Xl Keysafe
Keysafe. Comprises: weather resistant cover; numbers and close and open indicators are displayed in a bright colour; internal key hook; designed to st...
Clutch Thumbturn Door Lock
Range of thumbturn locks for interior doors. Comprises: satin chrome finish; permits user to lock the door for privacy, while allowing authorised staf...
Code Locking Steel Key Cabinets With Touch Point
Keysafe available in a range of sizes. Comprises: heavy duty steel cabinet; push-button lock; numbered key tags, key rings and lock location chart.
Cooperbolt Door Access Systems
Secure lock for emergency doors with push-button release for quick exit when required. Lock can only be reset by key holder. Range of models available...
Door Codelock Keypad
Keypads connected to environmental control unit with up to 50 different codes. Can be used as emergency door opener when fire alarm sounds. Not suitab...
Era Child Safety Window Locking Restrictor
Child safety window locking restrictor. Designed to prevent a door or window from being fully opened. Comprises: lock, cable and key; ergonomic desig...
J5 Over The Door Keysafe
Keysafe which attaches to the top of the door and is kept in place by closing the door. Comprises: zinc alloy construction; storage for up to five Yal...
Key Safe
Keysafe which is police approved through the Secured by Design (LPS) 1175 initiative. Comprises: storage for five keys; heavy gauge steel double wall ...
Key Safe Security Box
Key safe. Comprises: wall-mountable unit; push-button unlocking mechanism; unlock combination can be set by user; internal cavity reduces the risk of ...
Large Key Safe
Key storage system operated by combination of push-buttons. Comprises: key box stores Yale keys; weather proof cover; wall-mounted.
Master Lock 540 Key Safe
Wall mounted weather-proof key safe. Comprises: four digit combination lock; wall mounted; supplied with fixings.
Master Lock 5404 Illuminated Key Safe
Illuminated key safe. Comprises: designed to hold one key; sliding cover; resettable four digit combination; the digit keys illuminate when in use; wa...
Portable Keysafe
Key storage system operated by combination of push-buttons with locking shackle. Comprises: hardened steel shackle; black rubber cover; holds two Yale...
Radar Rimlock Lockset
Lock for fitting to public WCs on the nationwide National Key Scheme enabling access to designated public WCs by people with disabilities.
S6 Slimline Keysafe
Key storage system operated by combination of push-buttons. Comprises: key box stores two to three Yale keys or one Chubb key (up to 8cm long); wall-m...
Supra Permanent Keysafe
Key storage system operated by a combination of push-buttons. Comprises: storage for four to five Yale keys or one to two Chubb keys; wall-mounted. Op...
Wall Mounted Key Safe
Key storage system operated by combination of push-buttons. Comprises: outdoor key safe; wall mounted; ten-digit lock; push button keys; internal keyr...
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