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Vehicle seating

This section includes seating equipment suitable for vehicle use. They are suitable for adults, children or both.

Seat cushions can be placed on the car seat to provide additional support.

Swivel seat cushions are designed to provide an addition to, or completely replace, the front passenger or driver's seat of a vehicle to facilitate transfers to and from the car.

Seats and backrests replace an existing car seat offering increased support to the user. This support may take the form of a high or contoured backrest or a deeper or shallower seat. Some seating is for occasional use, for example, fold down seats used in vehicles modified to carry passengers using wheelchairs.

Adjustable seats may be repositioned within the car by fitting an additional adjustable mechanism or by replacing an existing car seat. Adjustment mechanisms may be manually or electrically operated by push-button or touch sensitive controls. The mechanism may make adjustment easier or make a greater degree of adjustment possible than on standard car seats including:

  • height adjustments which may provide an alternative to placing a cushion on a standard seat and can be used to assist a person when getting out of the car
  • forwards and backwards movement of the seat to increase leg clearance or provide space for a wheelchair to be transferred into the car
  • lateral movement to facilitate transfer into and out of the car.

Children's car seats are specially designed for children who require additional support. They may incorporate a five-point harness, adjustable seat length and backrest heights and may have additional posture pads. They are anchored into a vehicle like standard car seats. Some have either a swivel mechanism and/or a backrest which can be tilted back. Accessories for children’s car seats are also included, such as car seat covers and slip-resistant materials for use underneath specialised child car seats.

Car seat lift units are situated on the door side of the car seat and can be used to assist a person to stand up from, and sit down onto the car seat. Some attendant propelled wheelchairs have an integral facility for transfer into a driver or passenger seat of a motor vehicle.

Please note that the use of an unsecured cushion increases the chance of the user being hurt in an accident.

Backfriend Back Support
Folding contoured seat and backrest. Comprises: rigid foam filling; fabric cover; carry handle. Single and double padded foam versions are available. ...
Belek Electrical Rise And Fall Lift
Powered car seat lift system. Comprises: vertical powered rise and fall; universal unit; extended seat runners; swivel facility. Optional extended car...
Braun 6-way Power Seat
Powered lifting base unit for single seats in most van style motor vehicles; swivels to left or right. Floor fixed by three removable bolts; suitable ...
Braunability 16 Inch Carony Transfer Wheelchair
Swivel car seat with detachable wheelchair base, designed to provide access in and out of a car without the need to lift. There are three components -...
BraunAbility 6-way Base
Seat base designed for wheelchair users to transfer to driving seat whilst inside a vehicle. Comprises: allows user to move driver seat backwards, rot...
BraunAbility Turnout
Manual or powered swivel base for car front passenger or driver seats. Mounting bracket and seat base. Manual, released by lever at side of seat; powe...
BraunAbility Turnout Bis Ford B-max
Manual swivel car seat designed for the Ford B-Max. Comprises: swivel base with lever handle; vehicle specific mounting brackets; seat with integrated...
BraunAbility Turny Evo
Swivel mechanism installation designed to transfer non-ambulant user into a vehicle. Comprises: movement path can be individually tailored to user; fi...
Braunability Turny Hd Powered Car Seat
Heavy duty outward swivelling powered seat for front or rear seated passengers. Comprises: BEV or Recaro N-joy seat; handheld controls; two lowering l...
Braunability Turny Low Vehicle
Swivel seat installation designed to transfer user into a vehicle. Comprises: seat designed to pull backwards halfway through swivel process to free u...
Braunability Turny Orbit
Turning chair designed for wheelchair users to transfer in and out of a vehicle. Comprises: hand-held control; powered rotation, lifting and lowerin...
Burnett Car Seat Supports
Fabric covered, airtight bag filled with polystyrene beads; moulds to user's shape when air is extracted with a hand pump. Quilted cotton cover with e...
Carony Turnout And Turny
Swivel car seat that rotates 90 degrees over car door sill. Wheelchair frame, when placed underneath seat, clips on. Available as attendant or user pr...
Carseat Pro
Children's car seat designed to provide postural support for children. Comprises: swivel base; adjustable back (height and angle); lateral thoracic su...
Commander Car Seat
Customisable supportive car seat for children. Comprises: adjustable back height; tilt-in-space seat; five-point harness with chest clip; adjustable h...
Defender 3 Passenger Carrying Seat
Single, double or treble passenger carrying seat. Comprises fixed or hinged armrests and adjustable headrest. Grab handles may be positioned on top co...
Elap Rotating Car Seat
Rotating, adjustable height car seat that replaces front passenger seat. Contoured, slides forward and back within car. Slide-out facility, seat exten...
JCM Carrot 3 special needs child car seat
Children's car seat with supports. Comprises: padded bucket style contoured seat shell; height adjustable padded headrest with side wings; five-point ...
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