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Wheelchair, buggy and scooter equipment

This section includes replacement parts and accessories for wheelchairs, buggies and scooters.

Clamping systems enable items such as switches or drinks holders to be fixed to a wheelchair, scooter or buggy.

Wheelchair control systems and switches adapt a powered wheelchair or scooter to enable ease of use and control.

Parasols and umbrellas can be attached to a wheelchair and may be adjustable in height and angle.

Fleeces for wheelchairs are regarded as being more appropriate for providing comfort rather than pressure relief. 

Batteries and chargers that suit most mobility scooters and buggies. Included are lead acid batteries (wet-cell), sealed lead acid batteries and gel cell (maintenance-free) batteries. Most are rechargeable. Chargers may plug into the mains or charge from a vehicle battery.

Wheels/castors, push rims, tyres and spokes are available as replacement parts or additions to the existing parts.

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12V Lucas SLA Scooter Battery
Sealed lead acid battery chargers designed for mobility scooter use.
24v Numax Scooter Battery Charger
Battery charger designed for use with mobility scooters. Comprises: automatic operation; fast cycle charge; overcharge protection; LED display that in...
Black Or White Wheelchair Spoke Guards
Wheelchair spoke guards. Comprises: made from high impact polystyrene (HIPS); the guards fit 22" and 24" wheels; attached using a on/off clipping syst...
Buggypod Io Side Seat
Buggy style seat that can be attached to the side of a wheelchair. Comprises: folding aluminium tubular frame; fabric buggy seat base; detachable whee...
Clip On Drink Holder
Range of clamping devices to hold cups and glasses onto wheelchair or other mobility equipment. Comprises: plastic bracket; beverage holder.
Coral Fleece Belt Cover
Cover for wheelchair safety straps. Comprises: fleece material; padded; Velcro at either end to secure to wheelchair; cover slides over strap. Options...
Coral Fleece Mobility Seat And Chair Pads
Seat pad designed to provide cushioning on chairs, wheelchairs and scooters. Comprises: memory foam construction; slip-resistant backing. Options: lar...
Design Your Own Wheelchair Spoke Guards
Wheelchair spoke guards which can be made in the user's own design. Comprises: made from High Impact Polystyrene; designed for wheels of 56-61 centime...
Drink Holders
Moulded plastic drink holder. Comprises: tray that holds drinks and food; plastic ring that fits around a cup or bottle. Frame attaches to the arm of ...
Fleece Cushion Cover
Fleece wheelchair cushion covers, available in a range of sizes.
Fleece Overlay Seat Cover
Fleece overlay cushion. Comprises: synthetic fleece; nylon backing; adjustable buckle and strap.
Foam Covered 6 Tab Mount Wheelchair Handrim
Soft grip push rim for manual wheelchair wheel. Comprises: black rubber coating for friction grip; six tab bolt-through rim mounting; fixing kit incl...
Gel-sealed Lead Acid Batteries
Range of batteries for powered wheelchairs. Range includes: gel sealed batteries; small sealed batteries; alkaline batteries.
Gooseneck Switch Mounting
Heavy duty goose neck mounting arm fitted with a clamp. Suitable for mounting switches and lightweight communication equipment. Also available with a ...
Green Puncture Proof Tyres
Micro-cellular polyurethane puncture-resistant tyres for manual and powered wheelchairs. Range of colours and sizes available.
Infilled Rib Tyre
Replacement tyre for powered wheelchairs and scooters. Comprises: puncture proof rubber construction; ribbed; bespoke tyre firmness. Options: range of...
Kenda All Terrain Tyre
Range of all terrain wheelchair tyres. Comprises: off-road tread pattern; inflates up to 65psi. Options: range of sizes; choice of sidewall colour.
Latitude Mounting Kit With Universal Mounting Plate
Mounting arm for a range of switches and communication aids. Comprises: universal plate connector; standardised base interface with clamp for mountin...


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