Home Adaptations for Professionals


Home Adaptations for Professionals

Course Overview
The course runs over five days but is split into modules. Each module lasts one day and is accredited by CPD. To achieve the Level Five accreditation, learners need to complete at least three modules over a six month period

For more details on what is included in the course, please contact enquiries@dlf.org.uk or call 0300 123 3084.

Module One: Access to the Home
This module examines the assessment needs for getting into and out of the home. It includes solutions such as ramps, door modification, thresholds, external lifts and stair lifts.

Module Two: Kitchen Design        
This module looks at the needs and considerations in the kitchen. It includes layouts and specifics around appliances.

Module Three: Bathroom Design     
This module looks at bathroom needs, including toileting and hygiene requirements. Solutions discussed include bidet toilets, level access showers, adapted baths and wet rooms.

Module Four: Multiple Levels       
This module looks at the need and ability to access multiple levels, this module considers solutions such as stair lifts (including standing and perching stair lifts), risky transfers and through floor lifts.

Module Five: Understanding Plans and Grants       
Pulling together all the information learnt, this module looks at understanding plans, some basic structural requirements along with grants and applying for them.


Learning outcomes
By the end of this course, the learner will be able to:

  • Understand environmental factors that will impact decision making when designing home adaptations
  • Consider variable person factors including sensory impairments, plus size considerations and cognitive impairments when designing adaptations
  • Be able to read, interpret and use plans including understanding scales and symbols
  • Understand building regulations and their role within adaptations
  • Have knowledge of solution options in adaptations and the implications of prescribing these on the person, environment and task
  • Be able to understand and measure space requirements for those with multiple mobility options including wheelchairs
  • Be able to measure individuals for various adaptations
  • Use clinical reasoning to justify adaptations for grant applications
  • Understand legislation and policy related to housing adaptations
  • Consider risk factors and how adaptations may work to reduce these
  • Working with the customer and managing expectations
  • Use problem solving skills to work through complex cases to find practical solutions

Each module requires the learner to complete an assignment after the training. Each assignment needs to be completed and submitted via a learning portal. Assignments are designed to test what has been learnt within the module and will build towards evidence for accreditation.

This course is accredited by CPD and each learner will receive a certificate of attendance. To achieve the Level Five accreditation, learners need to complete at least three modules over a six month period

Course Programme
The course aims to include a lot of practical elements, therefore the learners must dress in comfortable clothing. It is also essential that learners inform DLF of any medical conditions that may impact their ability to complete the practical elements of the course in advance of attending.


Current Course Dates


TBC - Bathroom Design, Fortuna Mobility, Enfield

TBC - Access to the Home, Fortuna Mobility, Enfield

TBC - Kitchen Design, Fortuna Mobility, Enfield

TBC - Multiple Levels, TBC -  Fortuna Mobility, Enfield

TBC - Understanding Plans and Grants, Fortuna Mobility, Enfield

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