Reablement Training


Reablement Training

DLF are proud to announce the development of a new training course covering Reablement.

There will be a range of courses available in various formats to meet all learner needs and will give learners confidence to work within reablement theory and process. Courses will be split into two -  aimed at those delivering reablement support and those assessing to provide that support.


Reablement for Support Staff

Designed to embed theory into practice, this course will look to give context and understanding around reablement theory and for learners to practice techniques required to support a person to achieve goals and independence.

The course will include:

  • Legislation relevant to the area of reablement
  • Functional impact on the ability to perform a task
  • Relationships and their impact on the customer journey
  • Understanding and applying reablement techniques.
  • Considering risk factors and safety when working within reablement


Reablement for Assessors

  • Legalisation and policy within assessment for reablement
  • Theory and models used within reablement
  • Therapeutic use of self
  • Risk assessment processes and considerations
  • Goal setting and action planning
  • Recording and reviewing

Please note that this course is still in development and the content is therefore subject to change.

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