Trusted Assessor for Informal Carer needs


Specialist Trusted Assessor Module: Assessing for Informal Carer Needs

This one day course is designed for those wanting to learn assessment skills to identify the needs of an informal carer. It is suitable for staff working to support people who provide care for loved ones in their own homes.

To find out more about the course please email or phone 0300 123 3084.


This course is accredited at Level Two, therefore learners will be required to complete an assessment at the end of the day to ensure they have met the desired outcomes.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Understand techniques used to make a basic assessment of daily living needs
  2. Understand common medical conditions and their impact on daily living function
  3. Understand factors affecting communication when assessing customers
  4. Know the range of services available to assist carers
  5. Understand risk factors for informal carers
  6. Understand basic movements and ergonomics to reduce risk to the carer
  7. Know a range of equipment solutions to assist with managing risks and where to find further information

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