Living Made Easy's mobility and walking section provides information on a range of different mobility equipment for older people and disabled people, alongside a list of suppliers who sell them.

The use of walking equipment can assist you by improving balance and stability, improving confidence in walking as well as building or maintaining strength in your legs. The type of walking or standing equipment you choose will depend on your age, disability and general physical condition, and how often the walking equipment is to be used.

Walking equipment is either used as part of a rehabilitation programme if you are recovering from an injury or operation; or as a long-term aid if you have a more permanent difficulty with walking.

If you are using a powered mobility scooter or buggy for the first time, or if it is a while since you have driven on the road, it is advisable to get some training. For details, contact your local Disabled Living Centre, Mobility Centre or your local authority's Road Safety Unit, or contact the Department for Transport