Medication management

If you require assistance with remembering to take pills there are a variety of products available.

  1. 'Dosett' type boxes that you fill yourself, or with assistance from family and carers. These have seperate compartments for days of the week and / or times of day such as morning, afternoon and evening.
  2. Medication storage boxes with alarms, this range of pill boxes use flashing lights, alarms or vibration to prompt you to take your medication.
  3. Dispensing pill boxes that use a mechanism that will physically move the pill compartments so that you are offered the correct pills at the correct time.
  4. You could use a watch or clock that allows you to set multiple daily alarms to remind you when your medication is due. You may wish to use this in combination with a dosett box to help organise your pills.
  5. Telecare enabled pill dispensers