Face to Face AskSARA Training with Newham Council

Bespoke AskSARA Face to Face Training with Newham Council


a postcard made for Newham Council with their QR code to their AskSARA, and text that says “Visit Newham AskSARA, pick a topic, answer the questions, read your personalised report” 

Newham Council was initially approached by DLF as a potential ASKSARA client, giving them the possibility to commission a license for their council so that they could help give their constituents better access to information regarding assistive technology and daily living aids. 

We worked alongside Newham's commissioner and their commissioning officer to enable Newham to fully customise their offering. This included a number of training sessions in how to use AskSARA for various groups of people, something we have hitherto not done before.  We provided 2x2 hours online training by Teams. The first session was presented to internal staff such as occupational therapists, re-ablement officers, and senior level partners in Newham Council, as well as their commissioners. The second session was presented to external partners of Newham Council to raise awareness to organisations in the local community about this new tool available to them. This included care agencies and care homes, and various different health workers. Both sessions went through how AskSARA works and the benefit to the councils as well as the end-users. AskSARA works as a frontline service enabling those with less severe needs to self-assess and receive a personalised report with advice on daily living and adaptations that they can make, as well as suggestions about daily living aids and assistive technology. 

In both sessions a demo of AskSARA was given and then a question and answer session was held.   

Our AskSARA experts then travelled down to London to hold a face-to-face session with residents of Newham Council. This was put on for residents who have difficulty with daily tasks due to disability, age related illness, or who care for or have family who have daily needs. After introducing DLF and the other work we do at the charity, they introduced AskSARA and explained how it works. They then ran through a demonstration to show how it works in real time. They then sat with residents on a one-to-one basis and helped them generate their own live reports. 

The session was very interactive, with residents remaining very engaged throughout. Lots of questions were asked, observations made and feedback given. Initially some of the residents were a little unsure about it. By the end of the session everyone, even those who had initially been unsure, were extremely happy with the service. 

The feedback from everyone who attended, residents and commissioners included, was extremely positive. 


Just want to say a HUGE thank you for delivering such a successful resident demo session and for taking the time out to support our residents with their individual needs / queries at a 1:1 level. I thought the session was a success and really well received - Nora Ahmed, Commissioning Officer for Newham Council


100% likely to use it with / on behalf of my 92 year old mother - Newham Resident 


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