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Gardening Made Easy

With warmer weather around the corner take a look at how you can make gardening easier for yourself in our Hints and Tips Article.
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Ornamin Mug With Internal Cone

Insulated mug. Comprises: cone shaped interior designed to make contents of the mug easier to drink by reducing the need for the user to tilt their head back; extra large handles and a wide base; dishwasher and microwave safe. Options: one or two handled. Accessories: range of lids with spouts; two colours.

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Ornamin Model 203 Keep Warm Bowl

Thermal bowl. Comprises: the lower compartment can be filled with hot or cold water to help keep food warm or cooler for longer; fitted with non-slip inlays, designed to provide additional grip and prevent water from escaping. Options: choice of colours.

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Vegetable Workstation

Vegetable preparation and peeling equipment. Comprises: circular base with slip-resistant underside; horizontal scraper; set of spikes to secure vegetables for peeling. Suitable for one-handed use.

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Stabilising spoon. Designed to help people with limited hand and arm mobility such as cerebral palsy, spinal cord injury, post stroke deficits or Huntington disease to eat independently. Comprises: stainless steel spoon; uses counter weights and rotation axes that are designed to keep the spoon level; can be used with either hand; dishwasher safe.

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Ornamin Plate with Sloped Base

Dinner plate. Designed to aid those who use one hand or have limited hand movement, tremors or shaky hands. Comprises: sloped inner base and protruding lip; hidden Braille marker on underside of rim; melamine; dishwasher safe; not suitable for microwave use. Options: range of colours and patterns.

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Lakeland Cordless Automatic Pot Stirrer

Powered stirrer that sits on the top of a saucepan and continuously stirs the contents via two paddles. Comprises: cordless; rechargeable with charging indicator light; charger unit; on/off button; two speed settings; adjustable width arms to fit across the user's saucepan (up to 24cm in diameter); adjustable height and width paddles; silicone rubber buffer located at the base to avoid scratching non-stick pans; detachable spindle, paddles and flex.

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Youreable is a vibrant forum for today’s issues, with hundreds of regular contributors you can compare notes with people with similar experiences. From motoring and health to travel and money there’s a wealth of valuable advice from people who are familiar with the things you encounter. Check out the latest topics for discussion and get involved.

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Jon can feed himself again with his assistive robotic arm

Military veteran Jon can feed himself again for the first time in 17 years, with help from an assistive robotic arm...

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