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Dressing is in easy reach

Everyone wants to be able to choose and wear clothes that are comfortable and to their own personal taste. This can be difficult for you if your mobility, grip, balance or sensations have been altered through a condition, illness or injury. Here are some hints and tips for dressing
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Surestop Remote Stopcock

Stopcock designed to protect properties from water damage. Comprises: unit which replaces existing brass stopcock; switch which, when activated, stops the water supply; tubing to locate remote switch up to two metres away; water is controlled via water pressure, no electricity required; maintenance free; limescale-resistant; works with hot and cold water. Options: six metre tubing.

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Magiplug Plug

Pressure activated plug that automatically empties excess water if water level reaches capacity. Prevents baths or sinks from overflowing. Comprises: material which changes colour when water is hot.

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Fidgetbum Secure Bedding Cover

Bedding cover that can help relax and soothe through light pressure to the body. Bedding cover is positioned under the mattress and then over the top of the bed covers, and is joined by a chunky zip. This provides a cocoon-like sleeping environment. Comprises: stretchy cotton material that enables movement while ensuring the covers stay on; zips are positioned at the head and foot ends of the bedding for access by the user; can be placed under bedding when not in use; reduces risk of falling out of bed; machine washable. Options: range of sizes, including bespoke.

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Loc8tor Lite Item Locator

Device for finding lost items. Comprises: two mini tags intended to be attached to anything the user does not want to lose, and one hand control; when the user is attempting to find a lost tagged item the hand control has a set of light which indicate the distance to the item's location and the tag flashes and beeps to provide further guidance. Additional tags available.

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Two Hands Free Umbrella Kit

Device to enable hands-free use of an umbrella. Comprises: holder with retaining screw to attach to trousers, skirt or belt; clip to attach to T-shirt, jumper or jacket; insert to raise umbrella height; storage bag. Once attached to clothing, the umbrella is placed into the holder and clip to secure in place.

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SpillNot Cup Holder

Spill-resistant holder designed to assist with carrying drinks from one location to another. Comprises: plastic construction; curved arm with looped fabric handle which the user places their hand into when ready to move; slip-resistant, removable coaster on round base; can be used to transport cups, mugs, glasses and small bowls.

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Youreable is a vibrant forum for today’s issues, with hundreds of regular contributors you can compare notes with people with similar experiences. From motoring and health to travel and money there’s a wealth of valuable advice from people who are familiar with the things you encounter. Check out the latest topics for discussion and get involved.

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Your story

Jon can feed himself again with his assistive robotic arm

Military veteran Jon can feed himself again for the first time in 17 years, with help from an assistive robotic arm...

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