Trauma Informed Care



Trauma Informed Care


Improve frontline care with our CPD accredited, interactive six-hour course

Many of us have or know someone who has experienced trauma. Trauma Informed Care is a CPD accredited, interactive course that embeds learning by stepping into the shoes of those that have been through trauma. 


Recognising and understanding the signs of someone who has experienced trauma can:

• Improve wellbeing.

• Reduce post-traumatic stress.

• Prevent re-traumatisation.

• Deepen knowledge about the impact of traumatic experiences.


Learning outcomes: 

• Learn about trauma, its characteristics and prevalence rates.  

• Discuss the long-term physical and mental health impacts of trauma.

• Learn about the principals of Trauma Informed Care.

• Explore a variety of ways to apply Trauma Informed Care in practice.


“ This course served as a great reminder of how trauma can impact a person and helped me to reflect on the importance of getting the right support in place.”


Who is it for?

The training is relevant to many sectors and educates anyone working with children, young people and adults who are looking to improve their frontline service. This includes but is not limited to hospitals, care homes, primary care, fostering services, prison services or the armed forces.


How is it delivered?

Training is delivered online or in-person from Living Made Easy (formerly the Disabled Living Foundation). With over 50 years' experience of enabling people to live an easier life through impartial advice, guidance, training and technological solutions.’

The course is taught by qualified staff who have a plethora of experience in delivering up to date knowledge and thought-provoking sessions. It is a six-hour course, usually delivered over 1 full day. 


How much does it cost?

The course costs £3600 (including VAT) for a cohort of up to 16 learners.

We are also offering open courses so that individual places can be purchased. This option is ideal if you want to see the benefits of the course before booking a group or this is an area you want to further develop your knowledge. We have online open courses  available on the following dates in 2024:

  • Tuesday 16th January
  • Thursday 22nd February
  • Monday 25th March
  • Wednesday 24th April

All these courses run from 09.30 to 16.00

The open course cost is £225 per person (including VAT)

For further information, or for an informal discussion please contact us by emailing or calling 0300 123 3084 (option 2). 



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