Moving and Handling and Me! - Speaker Announced

Moving and Handling and Me! - Gill Creighton

Gill is an Occupational Therapist with 12 years’ community experience, specialising in moving & handling, bariatric care, reablement and equipment. For the past three years Gill has worked independently. Gill facilitated a workshop on bariatric moving and handling when she last attended Moving and Handling people in 2019. Since then, Gill has endured a few difficult years.

Presenting Moving and Handling and Me!, Gill will be speaking from personal experience, as she suffered an illness leaving her with a T12 spinal cord injury. MHP2022 welcomes back Gill to deliver her inspirational story of recovery through Covid-19 and the moving and handling factors involved in her care. She will give insights from a unique practitioner to patient perspective.

Gill says, “I was delighted when I was asked to present to the DLF Moving & Handling People conference on the subject of my own patient experience related to moving & handling and the effects of covid. I love DLF’s Moving and Handling People Conference because it is an excellent learning opportunity with a wide range of subjects within the scope of moving and handling, with many of the workshops offering a hands-on opportunity. It is also a great networking opportunity and a chance to meet old and make new friends. I am looking forward to presenting, being able to share my personal experiences and hopefully to give others a better understanding of the patient's journey.”

Gill will be presenting on day one of the two-day conference, being held at the DeVere Beaumont Estate, Windsor. The conference runs on Tuesday 25th October and Wednesday 26th October 2022. For further information on the event and to book tickets visit


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