Shaw Trust Disability Power 100 2022 Nominations Deadline

Just one week left to nominate! 

In 2022 Shaw Trust's Disability Power 100 is set to be the biggest event of the year, not just for Shaw Trust but in the greater UK disability events calendar. DLF has been part of Shaw Trust since 2014. 


Who will you nominate for Shaw Trust Disability power 100? 

Have you ever watched TV or met someone who you thought was a truly incredible person, and who deserved recognition for all that they do? Now is your chance! Nominate that person who you think is influencing the world and the way that we think about disability for the Shaw Trust Disability Power 100 by following the link! 

Nominate here… 


What is the Shaw Trust Disability Power 100? 

Every year the Shaw Trust celebrates the top 100 disabled people working and living in the UK and their achievements. We host a celebration event and create the top 100 list online and in print. This year we want to help make the Shaw Trust Disability Power 100 more than just an event for disabled people. We want 2022 to be an entire year of celebrations that will stimulate debate and make an impact. 


Why a whole year you ask? 

By having an entire year of celebrations by the time we announce our winners in at the autumn gala event, we can proudly say what Shaw Trust and others have achieved to change the perception held about disability with employers, participants, government and society. 


Why is it so important? 

Every year we profile 100 of the most influential disabled people and every year the list of nominations gets longer. People are beginning to see the increasing number of disabled people in powerful and influential roles. And for every individual in a role today there will be many others who experience disability waiting to achieve their potential. 

In 2012 London hosted the Paralympic Games. It shone a bright light on the incredible talent of parathletes. Since then the Paralympics has become a regular fixture on television screens and a generation of exceptional British parathletes has won even more medals of the UK. They are inspiring and influencing others to get involved and make a difference, and not just for other disabled athletes. 

The spin-off television show The Last Leg is still running at primetime on national television and has been credited with helping to remove stigma and barriers for disabled people, launching the careers of disabled comedians, presenters and commentators. For people to see themselves represented on prime time television is important. 

The Shaw Trust Disability Power 100 shines a light on the pioneers, disabled people carving out successful careers. More importantly, we want to highlight those that open doors for others to follow, not just in the world of television and sport but in politics, STEM, public service, music, business and more. 

This is why Shaw Trust is 100% committed to making 2022 the best year yet for the Shaw Trust Disability Power 100.  


Just one week left to nominate! 

Nominations end 31st March 2022


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