The DLF's 50th anniversary - a written history

It has been a challenging time to be providing information, advice and training services over the last few months - the needs are real. Older and disabled people have needed practical solutions to independent living within the restrictions of being 'locked down' to their current home. Many suppliers of equipment have been able to continue offering home delivery and simple aids are continuing to make a difference to people living the lives they choose.

The DLF's 50th anniversary year has passed without it being feasible to celebrate or commemorate the date but we have found time to update the marvellous history that Elspeth Wills produced for our 40th anniversary to bring it up to date, you can download the written history here DLF's History

It makes a great read and is a good reminder to us of the ethos that drives us - adding life to years through practical support - we think our founders would be pleased to see our contribution but might be disappointed to see the changes still needed in UK society in order for the benefits of AT to be embraced in something other than 'crisis' mode. More to do, plenty of commitment from the DLF team to be part of those changes.

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