DLF for Professionals April 2020

DLF Training announces remotely-delivered Trusted Assessor course

Given the current government guidelines on social distancing DLF Training has paused all face-to-face training however we recognise that there is an urgent need for staff to feel competent in assessment skills to enable discharges to happen safely and quickly. In response to this need and for a limited time DLF will be offering its popular Trusted Assessor: Assessing for Minor Adaptations as a virtual course.

The course will meet the standards of our regular face-to-face offering but uses a blended learning approach. Learners will complete e-learning based theory, watch videos, log in to trainer-led webinars and complete assessments at home. Once complete the learner will be able to assess customers for basic equipment and adaptation needs.

To find out more about the course please email training@dlf.org.uk or phone 0207 289 6111.

G-Cloud 11 extension to AskSARA pricing

Crown Commercial Services (CCS) has announced an extension to the G-Cloud 11 procurement framework until September 2020

In the last few days CCS has announced an extension to their procurement framework for digital services and this means that new AskSARA licences will now be available at 2019-20 fee levels until September 2020 and this includes our imminent new mobile-responsive version due for release later in April.

It's great news for commissioners who have been considering incorporating AskSARA into their front-door services and thanks to our new AskSARA platform lead-times to launch will also be faster. We know that AskSARA is actively being used in triage to direct simpler cases away from assessment waiting lists in many areas around the UK.

Crown Commercial Services cover a range of procurement categories and no fees are payable. To find out more about the G-Cloud 11 digital framework go here and to talk to DLF about potential AskSARA projects please call 0207 289 6111 or email marketing@dlf.org.uk

Are you a specialist in dementia?

We are rolling out a number of new advice projects through 2020 and one of the first is a project to develop a new suite of AskSARA topics dealing with equipment for dementia. We are looking for people to contribute to this development project

AskSARA is seen as the de facto standard for online guided advice, through it users are able to view tailored advice about suitable types of equipment. Today's AskSARA offers over 90 topics across common daily living tasks, your health and wellbeing and situations based on needs within the home. Users are given impartial advice written by OTs and they can then choose to view and buy from almost 1,000 national suppliers.

This new project will develop a new set of topics dealing with dementia and follows the successful development of a set of twelve specialist Factsheets focussing on equipment for dementia which can be seen here.

Maybe you are a practitioner with a special interest in dementia unable to work due to the current restrictions, if you would like to find out more about getting involved with this project please contact us on 0207 289 6111 or email training@dlf.org.uk for more details.

Check the latest advice and tips on the Youreable forums

Up to the minute advice from lived experience

At DLF we have noticed before how viewing figures to the Youreable forums strongly increases at times of change and none more so than during the current pandemic. The Youreable forums are for older and disabled people, their carers and friends and families and all posts are by the users themselves - DLF purely hosts and moderates the site. In 2019 more than 900,000 views of the site.

There are some fabulous regular contributors who take the time to write detailed advice based on lived experience. In the last few days there has been plenty of discussion about changes to health appointments, travel arrangements and benefits.

To register as a user or simply to view the latest conversations view the Youreable forums.

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