DLF for Professionals May 2020

Welcome to our new mobile-responsive AskSARA

After several months of intensive development work involving both software and marketing specialists our new AskSARA is here!

The fresh new look is designed to be easier to use, less cluttered with a more modern appeal, try it out here. The new AskSARA platform is mobile-responsive and achieves high accessibility standards making it suitable for use on a variety of mobile devices. New AskSARA is the first of a series of online services to draw in information and advice live from DLF's central database using API technology. It is this technology that enabled the service designers to approach the task with the flexibility they needed to deliver a much simpler and more engaging experience.

The new platform also includes the wide-range of licensed custom versions UK-wide which will be migrating over the coming weeks as well as offering DLF the opportunity to work with new organisations that can incorporate AskSARA into their own applications and websites.

To find out more about the programme please email marketing@dlf.org.uk or phone 0207 289 6111

The AT Guide: announcement

The DLF and Trent Dementia are announcing the transfer of their AT Dementia 'AT Guide' website to the DLF effective from June 1st 2020.

Marking the end of a joint arrangement that started in 2007, the AT Guide's products and advice have now been transferred to the main AskSARA platform.

Commenting on the transfer Janet Seward, Programmes Manager at the DLF said 'We're delighted to be taking on direct responsibility for this programme. Trent DSDC have done a fantastic job of developing and promoting the AT Guide. We wish them well as they shift their focus towards research, projects and support.'

Professor Tom Dening, chair of trustees at Trent Dementia commented 'We have been very proud of AT Dementia, which was ground-breaking when it was launched in 2005, and we are delighted to pass this service on to the safe hands of the DLF, which has a great track record of providing resources for a range of different conditions.'

The DLF has commissioned a new set of AskSARA advice topics to tackle the specific challenges that dementia presents, we already publish a range of specialist Factsheets about equipment for dementia which you can view here.

Trusted Assessor course debuts online

We are seeing fantastic demand for our new online Trusted Assessor course:Trusted Assessor: Assessing for Minor Adaptations with the first few classes debuting this week.

Last week's news bulletin from Housing LIN announced the new course explaining that the formerly two-day face-to-face delivery is now available online including assignments, classrooms and workbooks. The first learners have been watching the presentations and videos and working their way through the modules; we are delighted with the early feedback.

The Trusted Assessor: Assessing for Minor Adaptations course is accredited at level three and is a suitable foundation for further trusted assessor courses such as the popular major adaptations course accredited at level four. We are looking forward to the next enrolment of learners.

To find out more about this and our other equipment-related courses call 0207 289 6111 or email training@dlf.org.uk for more details.

Refresh your Trusted Assessor accreditation online

The latest in DLF's range of courses to be offered as an online option during the pandemic is the Trusted Assessor Refresher course.

It is important to keep your knowledge of assessment and awareness of the latest product options fully up-to-date. This course is designed for people who have previously attended a two-day course two or more years ago, or need to refresh their skills.

The course is CPD accredited and complies with the Trusted Assessor Framework; the normally one-day face-to-face course is now offered online. Access to the course also gives learners access to DLF Training's learning portal, full of useful information to assist assessors in their work. The course is suitable for assessors previously accredited at level two or three.

To find out more about this course please phone 0207 289 6111 or email training@dlf.org.uk

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