Fraud Awareness Alert

Know who you are dealing with! 

Please take extra care to ensure that you check carefully before entering into a financial arrangement or transaction. 

Please be aware that there are a number of attempted financial transactions by an organisation using the name Living Made Easy which we at DLF believe has caused some confusion. 

Whilst we have used the words Living Made Easy to help promote the support and services that DLF and Shaw Trust provide, DLF does not carry out any financial activity under the name of Living Made Easy. All financial transactions from our organisation are conducted under the name DLF, our registered charity name. Any payments or requests that come out under the name Living Made Easy, LME, or livingmade-easy are not associated with DLF or with Shaw Trust in any way. 

Should you find that any financial activity or transaction has occurred using any of the living made easy names or references above, please get in touch with us at 

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