Product supply shortages are affecting the availability of AT products

Assistive Technology shortages and why this means regularly updating product listings is important


There are daily reports of shortages of a range of assistive technology products within the UK and, with the ongoing HGV driver shortfall, there is concern that this may not be a short term issue but something that could impact on the lives of many people in the weeks and months to come. These shortages mean that the public and community equipment providers are having to switch to other makes and models of product, that they perhaps are not familiar with or used previously. There is also pressure on prescribers and retailers to keep their stock information up-to-date to cope with an ever-changing situation and ensure that the correct information can be provided.

What this means for us at DLF is an increased necessity to update our product information to ensure that we are able to direct people to what is available and provide them with accurate product specifications. It is vital that our information is as current as it can be and to incentivise retailers to help us with this task, we ranking them higher based on if their product is up to date and regularly updated 

Our new automated Vendor Portal could not have come at a better time as it reduces the time needed for updating product information. This smoother process will allow information to be shared immediately across Living Made Easy, AskSARA and DLF ProAssist. our professional and public online interfaces.

Ultimately, making the process of updating product listings as quick and easy as possible allows us to keep our product database up to date and ensures that those of you who are searching for suitable products are provided with accurate information about the specifications and availability.

If you are a retailer and you have any queries about how to update your product listings then please contact us on or 0300 123 3084.


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