A new webinar from DLF for Professionals: Accelerating Access to Equipment and Assistive Technology

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Who should attend? 

Anyone involved in health, adult Social Care or Housing and professionals involved in providing information and advice, or prescribing Assistive Technology. 



Friday, 1st July 2022, from 10:30-11:45



The Accelerating Access to Equipment and Assistive Technology will feature speakers from health, social care, and housing settings to discuss the shift that is needed towards self-management so that assessment resources can be prioritised for more complex cases, and what this means for service delivery. 


It will feature… 

Diane Clayton 

Diane is the Strategic Support Officer for the Independent Living team of Sefton Metropolitan Borough Council. She will be talking about the implementation of AskSARA within the council and how that has affected their beneficiaries. 


Lee Owen 

Lee is the Community Development Coordinator for Staffordshire County council. Lee will be discussing how to improve front door services and how AT can help with this. 


Rachel Russell 

Rachel is the Senior Regional Adviser for Foundations will be discussion how to reduce delay time when assessing for and getting adaptations to those who need them. 


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