Maintaining Good Posture: Tips, Tricks and Why it's Important

Maintaining good posture is important, especially when many of us spend most of our days working at a desk or computer. When sitting it can be tempting to slouch, or sit unevenly as we work, however this can have painful consequences for our bodies. 

What is good posture? 

Good posture is also known as ‘natural spine’. This means that the muscles that are surrounding your spine are balanced and supporting the body equally. Working at a desk often makes people tempted to slouch in their seat, twist their torsos or do other things that result in putting pressure n their joints or spine in an unnatural way. 

When sitting your feet should be resting flat on the floor or a footrest evenly, so that the weight on both of your hips is even also. Your back should be mostly straight (though everyone has a natural curve in their spine) and your shoulders should be back but relaxed so that your ears line up with your collarbones. 

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Image of a cartoon male depicting correct sitting posture 

What are the benefits of sitting with good posture? 

Reduced pain

Poor posture can put strain on muscles when they are overstretched, or sitting in unnatural positions for long periods of time, for example when slouching. This not only over-stretches muscles but puts pressure on your joints. This can cause back pain or tension headaches, as well as other problems. 

Hints and tips: Get up and stretch every 20-30 minutes or so, stretching out your back and neck so that the muscles don't get stiff whilst you work. 

Decreases the risk of abnormal joint wear and tear

If one's posture is habitually poor and uneven, this puts even pressure on those joints. Over time this can cause faster, or more pronounced wear and tear on joints. 

Hints and tips: When sitting utilise a lumbar support roll, cushion or simply a rolled up towel to support the natural curvature of your spine. This allows you to support a more comfortable, straighter spine and ensure that your seated posture is sustainable. 

Increases lung capacity 

When you slouch, your chest caves in and your rib-cage compresses your lungs, as they have nowhere to expand, and the diaphragm doesn't have the space to contract properly. This means that you can't breathe as easily as you'd normally be able to, and this means that less oxygen circulates through your system. When you can breathe properly and get more oxygen through your system you can concentrate better. 

What kinds of products can help day to day? 

Riser Cushion 
Leg Rest 
Lumbar Support Cushion

For those who need more support for their legs, whether due to chronic pain or injury recovery, a leg reset allows you to rest your legs whilst keeping them straight, elevated and comfortable even whilst you work. Leg rests can also improve circulation, as when you have your legs elevated it reduces the effort that it takes to pump blood back up the legs. 

You can also use a footstool/ foot rest to more comfortably plant both feet on a flat surface which in turn ensures that your hips are flat and level. This ensures that no abnormal pressure is put on the hips and spine and reduces advanced wear and tear. 

If one has trouble standing from a chair etc you can use a powered lifting cushion. This electric cushion can be used on any seat to gently rise up and help the user stand safely, whether getting up from a desk or a chair in front of the television. 

If however you simply need a little more support for your back when sitting, especially when it is working at a computer where man find it a little more difficult to maintain correct posture, lumbar support cushions can provide the solution. These curved cushions are designed specifically to support the natural curvature of your spine, meaning it is easier to keep it aligned, and reduces the pressure on the spine and relieves pain caused by this.  


We hope that you have found this article on maintaining good posture informative. 

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