Our People Handling Course is a must for all professionals. We have developed a specialist course along with a refresher course, which as with all of our training, is CPD accredited. As gift from us to you this festive season, we are offering 5% off People Handling Training for anyone who books with us in December, quoting AdventTraining5 as the discount code.

We deliver practical moving and handling courses over 1 day of face-to-face training. The day will include demonstrating the use of equipment you use within your service whilst providing the knowledge that underpins this. Those attending will be observed using the equipment effectively throughout the day. On completion learners will receive a certificate of attendance.  


This course will cover: 


  • Legislation relating to moving and handling which applies to their role  
  • The principals of safe handling  
  • How to risk assess for moving and handling  
  • Demonstrate the correct movement of an inanimate object  
  • Demonstrate the correct way to assist an individual with moving  
  • Demonstrate the correct use of a range of equipment  

An image on a red background of a professional, who is a woman wearing a white tunic, smiling and helping an older gentleman to use a walking frame. In the corner of the image is a holly bush with red berries.

Training for this course is delivered in-person from Living Made Easy by our qualified and experienced staff and requires learners to get involved and try techniques for themselves. To find out more information, please click the button to the right, or email professionals@dlf.org.uk.

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