Along with Sirus Automotive, we bring you a guide on selecting car adaptations and wheelchair accessible vehicles, so that you know how to choose what is right for you. 

Car Adaptations  

To continue to enjoy the freedom of motoring, you can adapt your car by installing a wide range of adaptations, including speed control, steering, pedal and clutch modifications, hand controls, seating solutions and hoists to help you get in and out of the vehicle, or hoists to help lift and stow your wheelchair or scooter. Midlands-based Sirus Automotive has a team of experienced mobility specialists who work with you to find the right solution. A team of engineers can design and install bespoke solutions to suit your mobility needs. Find out more about car adaptations on their website. Free home demonstrations are available.  

Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles and Cars  

A Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (also known as a WAV, mobility car or wheelchair adapted vehicle) is a vehicle or car that has been converted to enable wheelchair users to travel safely. There are several different WAVs designed specifically for people who want to drive or travel as a passenger. 

Seating options  

Rear Passenger Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle 

A popular solution, rear passenger WAVs are designed so the wheelchair user travels in the rear. Entering and exiting via a tailgate and ramp, the wheelchair user manoeuvres into position and the wheelchair is safely secured. Sirus Automotive offer the UK’s only rear passenger conversion based on a car, as opposed to a commercially derived vehicle. The award-winning Dacia Jogger provides space for six people as standard and the mid row of seats can be safely folded away to create even more space. Find out more about wheelchair accessible cars on Sirus’s website.  

Upfront Passenger Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle  

This option is designed to enable the wheelchair user to sit upfront next to the driver. Ideal for people who want to travel side by side. Sirus offer two options based on the Ford Tourneo Connect. The side entry option offers space for five people as standard, with the added bonus of ISOFIX in the mid-row seat. You also have the advantage of retaining the original boot. Find out more about upfront passenger wheelchair accessible cars on their website. Alternatively, you can enter and exit from the rear and switch from driver to passenger. Find out more.  


Combined Drive From Wheelchair / Upfront Passenger 

Designed for wheelchair users to drive whilst seated in the wheelchair, this is the ideal solution if you prefer to drive from your wheelchair as opposed to transferring to a standard driver’s seat. Enter and exit is from the rear for ease when parking. The added benefit of the flat floor conversion and interchangeable front seat means you can switch to up front passenger position whilst on your journey. Bespoke driving adaptations can be installed to suit specific requirements. Find out more about Drive From Wheelchair Vehicles on Sirus’s website. 


Drive - Internal Transfer Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle 

An Internal Transfer WAV is designed to enable the wheelchair user to drive from a standard driver’s seat. The wheelchair does not have to be dismantled / lifted, and is secured safely inside the vehicle. Once in position the wheelchair user safely transfers with the assistance of a six-way powered driver’s seat base which moves up, down, forwards, backwards, and rotates 90 degrees. This allows the wheelchair user to find the most comfortable transfer position. Find out more about Internal Transfer WAVs on Sirus’s website.  



Selecting the right Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle for you 


Before selecting a WAV, you may want to ask the following questions; 


  • Do you want to drive / travel as a passenger in the front or rear 
  • How many seats do you need in the adapted vehicle?  
  • Do you want to enter from the side or the rear?  
  • Where do you intend to park? (i.e. make sure there is space for the wheelchair ramp)  
  • Do you need space for additional wheelchairs / equipment etc?  
  • Does your new or Approved Used WAV supplier include aftersales service and warranty


Sirus Automotive has a team of experienced mobility specialists, and are there to help you navigate the process of selecting the right mobility car or car adaptations for you. You can book a free home demonstration / test drive with one of their team.  


Finance and funding 

Sirus Automotive WAVs are available on the Motability Scheme. You can also apply for a charitable grant towards the Advance Payment. 


If you would like to read more about Sirus, hear first-hand from their customers on the website.  


Contact Sirus Automotive to find out more about wheelchair accessible vehicles and to book a free home demonstration and test drive.  


We hope you have found this article helpful and informative. It has been sponsored by Sirus Automotive. 


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