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Across Wales, several local authorities are utilising their AskSARA tools to enhance the quality of life of their residents and promote independent living within their communities. AskSARA is Living Made Easy's online self-assessment tool, offering rapid access to impartial advice on products and services tailored to promote independent living for older and disabled individuals. To learn more about what AskSARA is, click here to be taken to our previous London Boroughs article, featuring Lambeth Council and Newham Council. However, this month we heard from Ceredigion Council, part of the West Wales Care Partnership, and Gwent Regional Partnership Board about the impact of their self-assessment tools.

The West Wales Care Partnership which includes Carmarthenshire County Council, Ceredigion County Council, Pembrokeshire County Council, and Hywel Dda University Health Board, have seen the importance of utilising AskSARA to support independent living within their communities. We were thrilled to hear that Ceredigion Council are launching their new centre dedicated to supporting independent living. In the centre is their AskSARA room, a whole room designed to assist residents in completing an AskSARA assessment.

“Ceredigion County Council are excited to be opening the new Penmorfa Centre for Independent Living, in the heart of the County this Spring.

A space dedicated to empowering individuals and fostering independence in our community. We are looking to offer a complete central resource of support including equipment, technology, information, and signposting.

Our new centre is committed to providing accessible, practical support to enhance independence and well-being. Showcasing Care equipment and house adaptions, support for carers and the cared for, a visual impairment space and demonstrating technology around the home.

And we are now thrilled to introduce the addition to our suite of empowering services: the AskSARA room.

In the AskSARA room, visitors can explore the platform in private or with the face-to-face guidance of staff. This allows us to be digitally inclusive to those that may not have the internet or devices at home. Whatever area our visitors are looking for support in, our team are here to help them use the AskSARA tool to find the solutions that best meet their needs.

We are also able to print out a copy of the user’s individual report for them to take away and read at their leisure. What sets the AskSARA room apart is the opportunity for users to explore and visualize suggestions provided by ask SARA firsthand. Visitors can interact with the recommended products and equipment, gaining a deeper understanding of how these solutions can enhance their daily lives.

Additionally, we are supported by two local retailers, who are demonstrating equipment featured on AskSARA. Guests can be signposted to these retailers to purchase locally, ensuring easy access to the tools and resources needed to make life easier.

“Attending the soft launch at the Penmorfa Centre for Independent Living was a wonderful experience for me. Despite having plenty of equipment at home for my husband, I found AskSARA incredibly helpful. The staff even demonstrated the furniture raisers and guided me to where I could purchase power assist for my husband’s wheelchair locally. I left with three valuable takeaways and discovered additional support available for unpaid carers through the centre” – Sarah, Centre Visitor

“Ensuring our community can live independently at home is paramount. The inclusion of AskSARA at the Penmorfa Centre is instrumental in promoting Through-age wellbeing and supporting our community” – Council Member

An image of a large screen on the wall demonstrating an AskSARA demonstration in the Welsh Language. In the room is a table with three chairs tucked in around it.

The AskSARA room in the Penmorfa Centre for Independent Living.

An image of a room which is set up with various home adaptations. There is a dark grey armchair with leg raisers. There is a profiling bed with a posture support pillow. There is a desk with a smart device and a grey couch and coffee table.

The Home and Smart Device Area of the Penmorfa Centre.

Gwent Regional Partnership Board, covering the areas of Blaneau Gwent, Caerphilly, Monmouthshire, Newport and Torfaen, have been using their AskSARA to support residents in their communities since 2019. They have seen great success from promoting AskSARA internally with staff, and externally to the public, to ensure that it’s utilised to its full potential by their communities.

“Here in Gwent, we recognise how important it is for individuals, carers, families and friends to access advice and support to help themselves and loved ones make informed choices and remain independent. We launched AskSARA in 2019 as part of our commitment to enhancing the quality of life and independence for residents within our communities. It’s great to offer a platform that can be accessed at any time and allow residents to access help instantly. One resident said, “the AskSARA app is fantastic”.


We regularly promote our Gwent AskSARA tool, ensuring it reaches and benefits as many residents as possible, ensuring our social care professionals are actively promoting and using it too! We’ve also had some great feedback from those who’ve used it in the community. A befriending scheme volunteer told us how they “were really impressed with it as they support a variety of people with different needs” and that they were “helping a variety of people within the community to utilise the app who didn’t have the means or tech knowledge.”


AskSARA has supported hundreds of Gwent residents in the form of on-line guided advice and self-assessments, many using the site repeatedly depending on their need. One resident fed back that “I have just used it for two different issues [AskSARA] has lots of information!”


Amongst the local authorities mentioned above, the Welsh capital, Cardiff, has been a licensee of AskSARA for a number of years, using the tool to support and enhance the lives of its residents and has seen great successes. We are also thrilled to announce Gwynedd Council will be going live with their brand new AskSARA license at the end of this month and we can’t wait to hear from them about the positive impact it will have on their community.


Hearing directly from our local authorities about how AskSARA is enhancing the lives and independence of their residents is always rewarding. We are always delighted to hear how each local authority utilises their AskSARA and we are always on hand for continued support and training, or to share ideas on how they can use their AskSARA to it’s full potential.


Please click here if you’d like to view a list of our current AskSARA licensees.

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