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Today, we are bringing you a festive treat from our publicity team who are offering 10% off a Banner Advert Bundle by quoting discount code ArticleAdvent10. 

If you are a company or organisation who is looking to promote a product or service, we can offer you a ‘bundle’ of banner adverts, on our website which currently gets around 50,000 visitors per month. You will have the opportunity place your own advert over 5 pages of our website and database, on pages that are relevant to you. Each advert will have a click through link, directly to our website.  

The banner advert agreement is for 1 year and can be renewed to roll into the next year. Take a look here at one of the current pages on our website that has banner adverts, so that you can see how this will look.  

If you would like to find out more about our Banner Advert Bundle, or to claim your 10% discount, please contact enquires@livingmadeeasy.org.uk. 

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