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In light of World Cancer Day’s campaign to close the care gap, we understand that unfortunately not everyone has the same access to cancer care. According the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC), income, geography, education and discrimination all play a significant role in a person’s access to cancer care.  

For some people with cancer, certain pieces of equipment or assistive technology might be suggested for use, to help them during their treatment whilst at home. Sometimes, cancer or the treatment side effects, can impact a person’s mobility and make it harder for getting around at home. In these cases, their doctor may suggest that a use of a wheelchair might be helpful and may refer them to be provided one by the NHS. Each area has their own procedures to help them decide the type of wheelchair (if any) that they’ll supply. Once referred, the assessment can take anywhere from 2 to 6 weeks before they can be provided a wheelchair, and timing of the delivery of the wheelchair will differ depending on the location of the person. Depending on availability in the area, it could be up to a few months after the initial assessment to when a wheelchair is provided. This is a prime example of how geography and location can impact a person’s cancer care and access to necessary equipment.  

If a person for any reason does not qualify for a free NHS wheelchair, it will be down to them to source their own equipment. Depending on their income, and the length of time they are expected to need the wheelchair, this cost might be hard to justify.  

Thankfully, there are companies who provide fast and cost-effective equipment hire. LendoCare have a range of wheelchairs and walking aids, such as rollators, that are available to hire on a week-by-week basis. Equipment rental can be a great solution for individuals going through cancer treatment as their needs can change over time. LendoCare’s online booking system allows you to select the delivery date and collection date, and also allows you to leave the collection date box empty for flexible rental on a rolling basis. They also have a next day delivery option available for those who may need a wheelchair or walking aid at short notice. You can visit their website by clicking here.  

This article has been sponsored by LendoCare. We hope you have found it useful and informative. 

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An image of a self-propelled wheelchair available for rental via LendoCare.

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