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January can be the toughest time of year financially for many. According to a survey from Nationwide, 84% of people say this January will be the toughest yet, as the cost-of-living crisis enters its third year. The cost-of-living crisis, paired with the extra cost of disability, means that disabled people are set to struggle more than ever this year, as they encounter significant extra cost to their daily living, compared to non-disabled households, with the need for specialist equipment, care, and therapies, as well as higher spending on essentials. According to Scope, disability benefit payments such as Personal Independence Payment (PIP) exist to try and offset some of these costs, however even when taking PIP into account, the average disabled household faces an extra cost of £975 per month. 

January is also seeing the winter pressures within hospitals, and the need for efficient discharge of medically fit patients. However, for those individuals who are struggling to get hold of short-term equipment, due to availability through the NHS or extra-cost to the patient, there is a low-cost option available to help with the pressures. 

The price to purchase a self-propelled wheelchair can be up to around £300. For many people who may only need a wheelchair short-term, for example those who are leaving hospital after an operation, this is a significant amount of money for only a few weeks use. This can also be a stressful time for family or friends, who want their loved one home but have to navigate finding the right equipment. 

LendoCare are a company that is dedicated to bringing customers easy access to at-home medical equipment and provide an alternative to expensive purchases, by providing easy access to top quality rental products. They are a brilliant solution to those who need access to equipment fast, whether it’s a short-term rental or to try before you buy. 

LendoCare’s wheelchairs are lightweight and foldable, with quick release tyres they easily fit into the car boot, meaning you can take them anywhere. Wheelchair delivery is available nationwide, starting from £59.99 which includes the delivery and collection. They have an easy online booking process where you can select your dates and easily book rental and delivery online.  

Equipment rental is a sustainable and affordable way to offset some of the extra cost that comes with a disability, especially on top of the cost-of-living crisis and can be a money saving solution to many this January. Please visit LendoCare’s website to view some of the other pieces of equipment they have available for rental. 

An image of a self-propelling aluminium wheelchair. The seat and back rest is black and it has sliver wheels.

An image of one of LendoCare's wheelchairs available for hire.

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