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Unlike many other holiday traditions such as Christmas, Halloween and Valentine’s Day, Mothering Sunday is observed on different dates across the world every year. The British date for this celebration, this year being the 10th of March, has its origins in the Christian tradition of Lent, with Mothering Sunday occurring on the fourth Sunday, three weeks prior to Easter Sunday. 

This tradition dates back to the Middle Ages, when young individuals who had departed their homes to work in domestic service were granted permission to return to their ancestral or "mother" church. The journey back home evolved into a springtime opportunity for families to come together, eventually incorporating the tradition of children gathering flowers along the way as tokens of appreciation for their mothers. 

Mother's Day has undergone a shift towards secularism and commercialisation, becoming a widely celebrated occasion globally. Many like to lavish their mother or special person with gifts on Mother’s Day, whilst others choose to make spending quality time the main focus of the day. 

Perhaps this Mother’s Day you’re thinking of taking your mum out to your favourite park, or for a walk along the promenade, but you are worried about her need for some extra support with mobility to walk longer distances. A rollator might be a perfect solution. A rollator is a rolling walker for those needing mobility support, with four sturdy wheels and handles with lever brakes. Some even have a built-in seat, perfect for a few moments rest or for sitting on to enjoy a hot cup of tea or coffee whilst out on your walk.  

LendoCare offer a brilliant solution with their walking aids available for hire, delivered just in time for Mother’s Day. They have a Nitro 4 Wheel Rollator, which is a lightweight yet sturdy walker, with adjustable hand grips, an adjustable seat, and a convenient basket under the seat for storage. It folds easily for compact storage and transportation, making it easy to pack into the car and take to your desired location.  

If your mum or special someone needs more assistance with their mobility than a rollator can offer, then why not consider hiring a wheelchair for your day out. LendoCare also offer lightweight aluminium foldable wheelchairs, which are easily transportable. Equipment hire is a great option for those who need equipment fast, and is cost-effective for those who’d either like to ‘try before you buy’, or who only need equipment for a short amount of time.  

LendoCare’s wheelchair and walking aid hire is available on a week-by-week basis. Their online booking system allows you to select the delivery date and collection date, and also allows you to leave the collection date box empty for flexible rental on a rolling basis. They also have a next day delivery option available for those who may need a wheelchair or walking aid at short notice. You can visit their website by clicking here

This article has been sponsored by LendoCare. We hope you have found it useful and informative. 

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