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Good posture is essential for good health, but do you know why? Posture is the result of habits you have formed over the course of years. The NHS outlines that our spine is not a straight structure but is curved to give a shallow S-shape. When we stand or sit with these curves in place, the joints and soft tissues are what is called a ‘neutral position’.  Standing, sitting and lying with poor posture can put a major strain on the body.

Certain health conditions and disabilities can affect an individual’s posture and seating. Some people may find it difficult to keep in an upright and comfortable position, whereas others may find it difficult to stand from a seated position, though these are not the only issues people may have. Posture and seating are intricately linked, and the way we sit can significantly influence our overall physical well-being. By choosing the correct seating to fit your needs you can reduce the risk of musculoskeletal issues, pain and pressure sores, headaches, and even blood pressure.

There are some brilliant seating options out there to suit all needs, you just need to know where to look. Some seats are designed to offer extra comfort, such as high back chairs to support the back, head and neck. Some of the chairs are also designed to make it easier to lower yourself to sit down, or stand up from a seated position. We have included some fantastic seating options below, with links of where to find them on our database and where to purchase them. 

People who have arthritis, limited mobility or strength, or back, leg and hip pain, may struggle to sit and stand from furniture at home. Chair leg raisers are easy to use and allow you to raise the height of conventional furniture legs. They are a great option for those who want an easy solution to raise the height of furniture to make transferring more comfortable.

Another product which might be helpful in transferring from sitting to standing is a height adjustable chair. This chair also features an ergonomically shaped back for improved lumbar support, as well as head support and side head supports for added comfort. It may be especially helpful in supporting posture for those who experience back pain, or those who struggle with keeping in an upright position. 

The image on the left-hand side shows a chair with black raisers on each of the for legs. The image on the right-hand side shows a chair which can be adjusted with a high back, and head supports on each side.

For those who experience muscle stiffness or instability when standing rather than sitting, might find that a rise and recline chair makes for a safer and more comfortable seating option. With just a touch of the easy to operate two-button handset, it will gently lift you to your feet, with the smooth and discreet single motor.

Similarly, you might want to consider a powered lifting seat, which can transform any armchair or sofa into a riser chair. The UpEasy Power Lifting Cushion is a portable automatic lifting seat that is ideal if you struggle lowering yourself into and out of you chair. It provides 100% lift for users and due to the non-slip base it can also be safely used in recliners. It is easy to operate by simply flicking the power leaver up and placing your hands on the chair arms whilst you are being lifted.

The image on the left-hand side is of a cream material arm chair, it has a motorised control clipped to the side. The image on the right-hand side shows a black motorised seat, which also has a hand control attached.

Those who have mobility issues or difficultly moving have a higher chance of developing pressure ulcers. Pressure redistribution cushions spread pressure more evenly across the surface of the cushion, thus preventing the development of pressure ulcers for those who are at risk. The Repose Contur is a pressure redistribution cushion overlay that has been specifically designed for use with Riser Recliner Chairs. It utilises the Repose inflatable air cell and 'smart valve' technologies and offers pressure relief to the back, seat and leg sections. It easily and safely secures to the chair with straps allowing it to be fitted to all types of riser recliner chairs for those that require a specialist support surface.


Leg rests are ideal for someone with circulatory conditions, such as Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT). DVT is a blood clot in a vein, which usually occurs within the leg. The NHS advises that if diagnosed with DVT you should keep your affected leg raised when sitting. Adjustable height leg rests allow the leg to remain straight and elevated to provide comfort. Leg rests improve circulation by reducing the effort required to pump blood back up the leg.

The image on the left-hand side is of an adjustable leg rest, which has metal legs and non-slip feet on each leg. The image on the right-hand side is of a full-body pressure redistribution cushion.

This article has been sponsored by Medequip. we hope you have found this article helpful and informative. It’s important to note that this article has not been written by an Occupational Therapist and if you are having posture and seating issues it’s important to get an assessment by a health practitioner. 

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