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Car hoists and lifts

This section includes equipment designed either to lift a person or a wheelchair/scooter into a vehicle. Some may lift into the front or back seat of a car, some into the rear, and some store unoccupied wheelchairs/scooters on the car roof.

Car fixed hoists move a person from a wheelchair/scooter to a car seat, and vice versa. They are either fixed to the floor or other suitable anchorage point of the car. They consist of a boom which extends over the person to be lifted, a spreader bar and slings. Once the slings have been positioned around the person they are hooked onto the spreader bar. The boom is then raised either electrically or by hydraulic pump. This lifts the person clear of the wheelchair so they can be manoeuvred into the car and positioned into the seat. Small mobile hoists may be used for car transfers if they can be dismantled and stowed in the car boot.

Hoists and lifts to move occupied wheelchairs/scooters enable a passenger to be transferred directly from an attendant or user propelled wheelchair frame on a swivel base into the front seat or back seat of a car. Some lifts are fixed to the vehicle and are designed to be stored in or underneath it when not being used.

Hoists and lifts to move unoccupied wheelchairs/scooters to lift an empty wheelchair or scooter into the rear of a car, or onto the car roof.

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Elev8 Portable Mobility Scooter Hoist
Portable hoist designed to assist with lifting a powered wheelchair or scooter in and out of a car boot. Comprises: metal frame; mobile on four braked...
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Techmo Wheelchair And Scooter Hoists
Powered hoist to lift most powered wheelchairs or scooters into back of hatchback and estate cars. Lightweight version available for manual wheelchair...
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Smart Transfer Person Lift
Lift designed to transfer the user from their wheelchair into a vehicle and out again. Compatible for use with most four-door cars and all two-door ca...
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Smart Lifter Lp Range
Hoist for lifting unoccupied wheelchairs, powerchairs or scooters into the back of a car. Comprises: fits into the back of the car, and lifting arm li...
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Ricon S Series Lifts
Vehicle fixed wheelchair lift with split platform design to keep the door opening clear at all times, even when stowed inside the vehicle. Comprises: ...
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Ricon K Series Folidng Platorm Lifts
Wheelchair and passenger lift for side or rear access. Powered by electro-hydraulic motor. Steel mesh platform folds downwards in half when stowed awa...
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Programmable 4way Evotech Hoist
Hoist. Comprises: hoist is powered by vehicle's battery; programmable loading position; four way electric operation; automatic switch off; handset.
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Power Chair Telescopic Hoist
Hoist to lift a wheelchair or scooter into boot of cars and estate cars, MPVs and some hatchbacks. Operated by remote control, one-handed. Does not re...
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Wheelchair and occupant powered hydraulic lifts for use on vans or minibuses. Steel mesh platform, raised side plates, spring-loaded safety end stop o...
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Elap V40x Wheelchair-scooter Hoist
Hoist designed to lift unoccupied wheelchairs and scooters into the boot of a car. Comprises: metal frame that attaches to the inside of the car boot;...
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Elap V40 Wheelchair And Scooter Hoist
Hoist for transferring a wheelchair or scooter in and out of a vehicle, designed for installation in estate vehicles and MPVs, also compatible with so...
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Braunability Joey Lift
Platform for lifting unoccupied scooters or powerchairs inside a minivan or full size van. Comprises: designed to require no modifications to vehicl...
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Braunability Chair Topper
Car roof box fitted to roof rack base. Automatic lifting and storing system for foldable wheelchair; section slides to overhang side of car. Folded, m...
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Braunability Cassette Lift
Cassette lift. Comprises: mounts under the floor; manual bridge plate; automatic hydraulic roll stop; anti-slip surface; manual handrails. Options: fo...
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Carony Turnout And Turny
Swivel car seat that rotates 90 degrees over car door sill. Wheelchair frame, when placed underneath seat, clips on. Available as attendant or user pr...
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Range of wheelchair boot hoists. Comprises: adjustable mounting base; docking device; clamping claw; 'T' bar for manual wheelchairs; 'C' arm for scoot...
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Braun Millenium Series Tail Lift
Powered wheelchair vehicle tail lift. Operates via disconnectable handheld controls. Comprises: metal wheelchair platform with safety edges, slip-resi...
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Abiloader Wheelchair Transfer System
Automatic wheelchair loading system designed for wheelchair users who can transfer between the wheelchair and the car seat, enabling them to travel in...
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2 Way Post Hoist
Two-way hoist. Comprises: hoist with single point lifting hook and lifting bar; on/off switch with overload protection; rocker switch.
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Smart Lifter Lm Range
Electric hoist to lift manual or powered wheelchair or scooter into rear of hatchback, people carrier or four-wheeled drive vehicle. Can be fitted to ...
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I3 Power Lifter
Power lifter. Comprises: designed for use with the i3 mobility scooter; scissor lift action; the lifter is designed to run off the scooter battery; de...
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