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Doorbells and door entry systems

This section includes doorbells and door entry systems with accessible features.

Doorbells which flash, vibrate and/or sound loudly may help a person with hearing loss to be alerted when the doorbell is pressed by enabling a unit within the home to flash, a portable pad to vibrate, or a loud ring to be sounded. Door knock beacons are attached to a door and flash a strobe light if they detect a knock on the door.

One-way intercom systems enable a user to speak to, and hear a caller at their door. They can also release a door latch so a caller can be let in without the user having to go to their door. Some have a video function to enable the user to see the person at the door as well as speak to them. Two-way intercom systems enable communication between two or more rooms, or between one or more rooms and a box outside the front door. They can be used to talk to a caller at the door before the user decides whether to let them in.

Telecare door entry systems enable a person to open their front door with a remote control system and/or enable a carer or the emergency services to open the front door with either a remote control or by contacting the person's help centre.

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Hands-free 3 Channel Wireless Intercom
Communication system which can also be used as a monitor. Intercoms are supplied in pairs but additional intercoms can be purchased. Mains powered.
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Silent Alert Doorbell, Telephone, and Smoke Alarm Pack
Multi use sound indicators designed to alert a user to their doorbell, telephone, and smoke alarm. Comprises: portable sound and flash receiver with i...
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Signolux Visual Signal System With Telephone Transmitter
Visual signal alert system with bell push and telephone ring detector. Comprises: a wireless signal is sent to the transmitter alerting you when the p...
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Honeywell Dc915n Halo Light Chime
Doorbell with a bright flashing strobe light, designed for those with any hearing loss or profound deafness. Comprises: 200m range; can be adapted wi...
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Bellman Visit Wrist Receiver With Charger
Wrist worn receiver for use with the Bellman Visit paging system which notifies the user of a range of alerts including doorbell, telephone, smoke ala...
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Bellman Visit Portable Receiver
Receiver activated via radio signals from any transmitter within the Bellman paging system. When activated the receiver sounds an alarm and illuminate...
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Bellman Visit Portable Pager Receiver
Multi-alert receiving pager. Comprises: when a signal is received from a compatible transmitter a different vibration pattern will alert you to which ...
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Bellman Visit Alerting System Flash Receiver
Flash strobe receiver alert which indicates a compatible transmitter has been activated by illuminating different coloured symbols (telephone, smoke a...
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Bellman Visit Alarm Clock Receiver With Bed Shaker
Alarm clock with amplified and flashing alarm with a vibrating pad that works as part of the manufacturer's paging system. Comprises: uses different s...
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Amplicall 20 Doorbell And Telephone Ring Indicator
Telephone and door ring indicator which flashes and emits a loud ring. Comprises: loud ring and flash when an incoming call is received or door bell i...
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Era Michime Wireless Door Intercom Dect Phone
Wireless dual function two-way intercom and cordless telephone system. Designed so the user can answer the door or the telephone from the same cordles...
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Tunstall Comminicall VI IP Communication System
Housing communication system. Comprises: table top device with handset; capability to make free on-site calls to other residents and on-site services;...
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Door Entry System
Door entry system providing visual and audible identification of a caller before an external door is opened. Works in conjunction with a standard tele...
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Wireless Doorbell With Wireless Loud-flashing Light Alarm
Doorbell alerting system. Comprises: battery powered; wireless doorbell button, mounted to the door frame using supplied fixings; portable receiver wi...
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Wireless Doorbell and Pager Set
Doorbell with pager alert. Comprises: battery powered wireless doorbell, mountable on a wall, door or other suitable surface; battery powered pager wi...
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Silent Alert Universal Monitor With External Microphone
Monitor with external microphone for use with manufacturer's pager or SignWave receiver. Comprises: designed to monitor door entry phones where it is ...
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Silent Alert Mini Monitor For Doorbell and Car & Burglar Alarm
Wireless bell push transmitter for use with manufacturer's receiving pagers (not included). Comprises: battery voltage indicator, low battery signal t...
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Silent Alert Mini Monitor
Multi-function transmitter for use as a wireless bell push or for use with manufacturer's transmitters, requires manufacturer's pager or SignWave port...
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Silent Alert Complete System Pack 5 & 6
Multi use sound indicator system designed to alert a user to their doorbell, telephone, and smoke alarm. Comprises: pager; vibrating pillow pad; mini ...
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Signolux Visual Signal System
Visual alert system with bell push. Comprises: doorbell pushbutton; standard receiver; 15 chimes; eight visual icons; strobe indicator; rotary volume ...
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Ring Video Doorbell
Doorbell with smartphone control. Comprises: wall-mounted device; two-way speech for communication with person ringing the bell; video access to ident...
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Radio Frequency Door Latch Release System
Door entry system with intercom suitable for Yale type lock and UPVC doors. Comprises radio frequency transmitter and hands-free intercom. Choice of p...
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Outdoor Doorbell Transmitter
Doorbell transmitter designed for use with manufacturer's receivers. Comprises: wireless device; waterproof; when doorbell button is pressed, signal i...
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Kingshield Portable Flashing Very Loud Doorbell
Battery operated door chime. Comprises: weather-resistant bell push; receiver unit with adjustable volume control, ten different ring sound options an...
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Need More Help?

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