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This section includes doors and door equipment that may assist with entering and exiting a room or building.

Sliding doors may be useful where space is limited, and may also enable greater room for manoeuvre when using hoists or shower chairs in small bathroom areas. They may slide telescopically or in a concertina fashion, and are operated manually, by remote control, or push-button.

Folding doors may be useful where space is limited and may also be useful if a room needs to be partitioned for greater privacy. They provide greater room for manoeuvre when using hoists and shower chairs in small bathroom areas. 

Automatic doors are operated by electro-mechanical or electro-hydraulic activators and may include sliding or swing doors for indoor or entrance use, choice of operating methods including foot or hand operated switches, pressure mats and movement sensors. It is strongly advised that automatic doors are fitted with a presence detector to ensure that the doors remain open until the threshold area is clear.

Door openers and closers are fixed to existing manual doors and enable them to be opened/closed automatically or by powered assist. The automatic door openers can be operated by a range of controls. Some door closers operate on adjustable time delay. There is an emergency override on some systems to close a door automatically in an emergency.

Door holders and sensors are intended to hold a door open and allow controlled closure with an adjustable time delay to enable a wheelchair user or ambulant person with a disability to pass through. Also included are sensors which prevent closure if the doorway is obstructed.

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Door Codelock Keypad
Keypads connected to environmental control unit with up to 50 different codes. Can be used as emergency door opener when fire alarm sounds. Not suitab...
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Doc M1 & M2 Door Restrainers
Doc M compliant device which when set into concrete, is designed to hold an external door open. Comprises: nylon coated steel tube construction; catch...
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Sliding Door Gear Range
Sliding door gears for use with internal sliding or folding doors. Suitable for doorways, wardrobes and kitchen cupboards. Range of sizes available.
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Radio Frequency Door Opener
Radio frequency door opener for sliding or swing doors. Comprises coded transmitter and range of control options including push-button or spring switc...
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Hideaway Pocket Door Kit
Pocket door frame kit for mounting sliding door into a cavity wall space; header assembly, pre-fitted track, steel wrapped timber studs, two wheel han...
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Gilgen Automatic Swing-door Drive Systems
Swing door drive units for conversion of standard doors with the option of solely motorised, or a combination of motorised and spring assisted closure...
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Freedor Wireless Fire Door Closer
Automatic fire door closing system. Comprises: for installation at the top of the fire door; allows the door to swing freely, and be left in any posit...
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Folding Door Gear Range
Range of manufacturer's folding doors. Options: top hung or bottom rolling; range of door weights; range of materials and sizes.
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Dorgard Fire Door Retainer
Automatic fire door closing system. Comprises: battery operated unit; automatic release when existing fire alarm sounds, triggered by a continuous fir...
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Disabled Door Entry Systems
Door opener comprising single input sensor switch available in a range of materials. Vandal-resistant. Can also be used for environmental controls, fo...
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Automatic Sliding Doors
Sliding doors designed to access without contact with the door. Comprises: air lock function, two coordinated door systems control access; controlled ...
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Automatic Folding Doors
Automatic folding doors. Comprises: aluminium profiles; integrated lip seals; can be fitted with contact-free switches and can be programmed with lon...
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Astro Slide Sliding Door System
Automatic sliding door system suitable for interior or exterior use. Comprises: surface-mounted unit; adjustable speed controls; up to 30-second open ...
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Abloy Door Opener
Door opener-closer. Comprises: push and go function; free swing function, door can be opened manually and left in an open position; fire detector asse...
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Need More Help?

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