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Emergency evacuation equipment

This section includes equipment to provide assistance with emergency evacuation from a building if a plan of action has been made. They are suitable for adults, children or both.

Stairclimbers are attendant operated devices designed to go down stairs only.

Evacuation chairs and stretchers may have integral lifting handles intended for use during evacuation, other chairs may be intended primarily as short distance transfer chairs.

Evacuations sheets are very strong sheets or pads with carry handles that are used for evacuating people in emergency situations. They present a risk of injury to the operator when used to lift or slide a person manually. Also included are straps for mattress evacuation.

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3 Wheel Transit Chair
Home emergency transit chair designed to assist the evacuation of people who may not be able to get themselves out of a building in an emergency. Comp...
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Xpert Evacuation Chair
Emergency evacuation chair for use on level ground and stairs. Operated by one attendant. Comprises: metal base and frame; wheels and cleated rubber t...
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Versa Evacuation Chair
Single operator evacuation chair. For use on level surfaces, up and down stairs. Comprises: leg support straps; quick release seat belt; adjustable he...
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Versa Evacuation Chair
Evacuation chair. Comprises: telescopic handle; four wheels; safety brakes on rear wheels; backrest and footrest; top step safety feature; automatical...
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Evacuation Sledge
Evacuation device. Comprises: two foam layers including a firm lower layer to protect the user from the surface being ridden over, and an upper layer ...
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Standard Evacuation Chair
Tracked evacuation chair. Comprises: can be operated by one person; designed to be used on a variety of stairs; cushioned head rest; safety belt with ...
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Ski Slide Pad
A thick high density foam padded evacuation pad. Comprises: polyethylene base; stored in a wipeable bag that can be wall mounted if required; slide ...
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S-capepod Evacuation Sledge
Evacuation sledge. Comprises: designed to help carers evacuate immobile patients; the evacuation sheet is positioned underneath the mattress; consists...
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Romedic MiniStretcher
Evacuation stretcher. Comprises waterproof, padded material with hinged edges and eight integral handholds throughout the length of the stretcher.
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Resqme Evacuation Board
Evacuation board designed for the evacuation of non-ambulant individuals in the event of emergency in multi-storey buildings when lifts cannot be used...
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Resqmat Evacuation Mat
Evacuation mat with bag. Comprises: padded mini mattress which wraps around whole of body; extra pillow under head; highly visible storage bag with pi...
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Prism Patient Transfer System
Evacuation sheet designed to be used by a minimum of six people. Comprises: low friction parachute fabric sheet with three handles along each side; ve...
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Prism Evacuation System
Flexible evacuation padded sheet. Comprises: vertical and horizontal looped handles; adjustable straps; wipe clean surface.
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Mobyle Mk4 Four Wheel Evacuation Carry Chair
Folding evacuation chair. Comprises: tubular metal frame with integral handholds; two rear wheels, or four wheels; safety belt.
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Med Sled Evacuation Sled
Evacuation sled. Comprises: patented perimeter tether; braking system; curved sides; three securing cross straps; metal side release buckles; foot e...
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Meber Patient Carry Chair
Emergency evacuation chair comprising: two rear wheels; two front braked castors; tubular folding frame with integral bar footrest; folding arms and b...
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Ibex Transeat Evacuation Chair
Emergency evacuation chair. Comprises: stainless steel, folding frame; two rear wheels, two front castors; tubular footrest; sliding track system with...
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Globex Economy Evacuation Chair
Evacuation chair designed for one person to evacuate another down stairs in the event of an emergency or when lifts can not be used. Comprises: alumin...
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Freeway Falls Recovery Sling
Falls recovery sling. Comprises: one size fits all design; low friction material; machine washable; carry bag.
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Falls Emergency Lifting Sheet
Waterproof and fire retardant emergency lifting sheet.
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Exitmaster Versa Elite Evacuation Chair
Evacuation chair. Comprises: integral stored passenger safety harness and headband; operator hand grips; fitted cover; wall mounting bracket; upstairs...
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Excel Evacuation Chair
Evacuation chair designed for stairway evacuation, either up or down stairs. Comprises: weight bearing arm rests; full chest support harness; leg supp...
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Evacuslider Standard Rescue Sheet
Evacuation sheet. Comprises: smooth underside aids movement across the floor or stairs; 4cm padded mattress; quick-release belts; washable heavy-duty ...
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Evacuslider Premium Rescue Sheet
Evacuation sheet. Comprises: designed for children and smaller adults but may be adjusted to take larger people; 5cm padded mattress; quick-release be...
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Need More Help?

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