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Channelling ramps are supplied in pairs. They may be made from metal, fibreglass or rubber. They may be rigid or foldable. Some can be linked together by an adjustable bar to hold them at a correct distance apart.

Single-section ramps are one-piece and suitable for short distance use. They may be rigid or foldable. The style of these ramps may make them suitable for powered wheelchairs and scooters. Some can be joined together to extend the ramp length. Also included are platforms and devices to connect ramps.

Threshold ramps are designed to bridge door thresholds or joins in a floor surface. Some may need to be used in conjunction with other ramps. Wedge-shaped ramps provide a heavier and more solid base and may be fixed or portable.

Roll-up ramps can be rolled up for storage or transportation.

Multiple section ramps are intended for use over longer distances and may be semi-permanent or permanent. Most have an optional handrail.

Modular ramp systems interlock or join to form customised ramping.

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Butterfly Threshold Ramp
Threshold ramp. Comprises: low profile; folding; slip-resistant surface; carrying handles; auto-adjusts to suit the threshold type. Options: choice of...
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Folding Wheelchair Ramps
Channelling wheelchair ramp. Comprises: anti-slip grip surface; folds down to half its width; requires no installation; centre mounted carrying handle...
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Folding Suitcase Ramp
Folding ramp. Comprises: aluminium; supplied in two parts that can be slotted together; carrying handles; non-slip, black gritted surface with raised ...
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Fixed Threshold Ramps
One-piece threshold ramp, fixed to step or threshold. Comprises: aluminium ramp with anodised finish; raised sides; slip-resistant surface; suitable f...
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Lightweight Channel Ramp
Channel ramp. Comprises: extending ramp; non-slip gritted surface; top and bottom lips; made from anodised aluminium; designed to be suitable for whee...
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Telescopic Channel Ramps
Telescopic wheelchair ramps. Comprises: aluminium two-part telescopic design with gritted slip-resistant track; top and bottom lips; locks to hold the...
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Premium Non-folding Wheelchair Ramps
Non-folding wheelchair ramps. Designed for use with manual or electric wheelchairs and scooters. Should be stored indoors when not in use. Comprises: ...
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Ultralight Rigid Ramp
Perforated aluminium channelling ramps with carry handle. Choice of length available.
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Bridge Threshold Ramps
Metal threshold ramp with textured surface and rubber strips on underside for slip-resistance.
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Aerolight Joining Support Kit
New Aerolight joining support accessory.
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Clever Multi-fold Ramp
Multi-fold ramp. Comprises: aluminium; non-slip surface; lipped edge; carry handles; can be set as a fixed ramp.
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Clever Suitcase Ramps
Suitcase ramp. Comprises: aluminium; lipped edges; non-slip surface; angled lip at top; foldable; centre mounted carry handle.
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Scooter Ramp With Black Grip Surface
Scooter ramp with black grip surface. Designed to be suitable for use with a mobility scooter, electric wheelchair or a ride on lawn mower. Comprises...
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Doorline Neatedge Wedge Ramp
Wedge ramp. Options: permanent fixing kit.
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Flat Panel Kerb 1 Step Ramp
Portable flat panel ramp. Comprises: aluminium with non slip surface and raised edges; designed for kerbs or one average height step.
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Roll A Ramp
Aluminium, roll up channelling ramps. Options include: third ramp for three-wheeled scooters; quick mount van kit; low van entry plate; centre support...
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Stepless Wide Folding Ramp - 1.5m
Aluminium folding ramp with slip-resistant surface and carry handles. Range of lengths available.
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Wide Axcess Suitcase Ramps
Range of portable folding ramps. Comprises: slip-resistant surface; carry handle.
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Welcome Modular Ramp System
Modular access ramp designed for outdoor use. Comprises: door plate at top of ramp; height adjustable legs; non-slip surface; complies with document M...
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Utility Ramp
Aluminium section ramps. Comprises: raised edges; slip-resistant strips; carry handles and wheels for transportation. Options: angled or profiled ramp...
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Ultralight Folding Mobility Ramps
Aluminium channelling ramps. Comprises: folding central hinge; carry handles; perforated surface. Options: third ramp for use with scooters available ...
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Ultralight Combi Wheelchair-scooter Ramps
Telescopic channelling ramps constructed of perforated aluminium.
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Two-part Threshold Ramp For Wheelchairs And Scooters
Aluminium ramp with slip-resistant plates and securing brackets. Door operates with ramp in position.
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Trio Compact Ramp
Three-section, folding aluminium ramp. Comprises: slip-resistant surface; raised safety edges. Range of sizes available.
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Need More Help?

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