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Slip resistant flooring

This section includes equipment to reduce flooring slipperiness.

Replacement flooring is designed to replace existing flooring and may be suitable for use in wet and/or dry areas. Flooring suitable for wet floors can be used in the immediate area outside a shower or form the flooring for a wet room area.

Mats, panels and tiles are designed to improve the slip-resistance of existing flooring. Many are designed for use in entrances.

Paints and coatings can be bonded, or sprayed onto indoor or outdoor flooring surfaces to provide increased slip-resistance in wet or dry areas.

Tapes and strips can be cut to length and added to existing flooring to provide slip-resistance. Some are suitable for use in wet or dry areas.

Rug and stair safety equipment includes tapes and slip-resistant netting placed under rugs and mats to reduce slippage, and slip-resistant/high visibility treads, cleats, edgings and tapes for stairs. Where there is uncarpeted stairs, such as tiled or lino covered stairs, these tapes and tiles could enhance grip on the stairs.

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Dycem Non-slip Floor Mat
Slip-resistant, PVC mat for use on dry surfaces.
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Safety Strips For The Bath
Slip-resistant strips with self-adhesive backs that can be fitted in a bath or wet area.
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Flexi And Zed Tred Matting
Heavy duty PVC matting with slip-resistant, electrical and chemically-resistant surface. Range of colours available.
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Slip-resistant, drain through floor surfacing. Comprises: suitable for wheeled traffic; suitable for use over contoured surfaces. Options include: ran...
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Easifloor Wet Floor Shower Slab
Flooring for wet floor areas.
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Rug To Hard Floor Underlay
Slip-resistant rug underlay. Comprises: plastic netting available in various sizes which can be cut to required shape. Suitable for use on wood, tile ...
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Rug On Carpet Fleece Underlay
Slip-resistant fleece underlay for positioning under a rug in order to secure it in position on a carpet. Can be cut to size according to requirements...
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Easidec Wet Floor System
Wet floor system that can be fitted on timber or concrete floors with gravity waste. Available in nine sizes with 15 enclosure options including bi-fo...
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Wacmat Floor Protection Mat
Absorbent non-slip floor mat. Comprises: absorbent cotton pile and a Nitrile rubber backing; non-slip; can be machine washed and tumble dried.
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Stayput Anti Microbial Anti Slip Wet Room Matting
Matting designed to be non-slip in wet areas. Comprises: made from free draining foam which has been developed with anti-bacterial additive designed t...
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Setonwalk Pre-cut Anti-slip Tapes
Range of tapes and strips for use on stairs, ramps and entrances. Comprises: coarse surface designed for grip in wet or greasy conditions; peel off ba...
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Setonwalk Anti-slip Tapes
Self-adhesive, slip-resistant tape with coarse grit surface for indoor use. Supplied on rolls or cut to size. Range of colours available including lum...
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Rocol Safe Step Anti-slip Spray
Range of slip-resistant coatings which can be sprayed or painted onto indoor and outdoor surfaces.
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PVC Bathroom Safety Flooring
Flooring designed for use in a wetroom. Comprises: PVC construction with polyester cellulose backing; slip-resistant surface; watertight; cut to order...
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Protectakote Slip Resistant Floor Covering
Polyurethane, slip-resistant floor coating. Options: range of colours and tin sizes available.
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Nose Over Toes Mat
Floor mat designed to provide better traction underfoot and to prompt the user to position their feet correctly and adopt an appropriate position when...
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Hi-visibility Anti-slip Treads
Slip-resistant treads. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
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Heronrib Matting
Slip-resistant, self-draining matting for use in wet areas. Comprises PVC sections in grid formation. Range of colours available.
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Latex Free Slip Resistant Netting
Slip-resistant netting for range of applications. Can be used under rugs or cut to size for other household items.
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Butterfly Stair Traction Treads
Butterfly stair traction treads. Comprises: four stair treads; made from recycled rubber; designed to improve traction and lessen chances of slipping;...
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Aluminium Anti-slip Plates
Slip-resistant, aluminium stair plates suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Comprises: stainless steel base, with an abrasive bonded to the surface; ...
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Altro Safety Flooring
Slip-resistant vinyl flooring suitable for wet or dry areas. Range of grades, finishes and colours available.
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Need More Help?

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