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Vehicle modifications for drivers

This section includes modifications that can be made to an existing car.

Some conversions enable the driver to remain in wheelchair while operating a vehicle. To accommodate the higher sitting position of a wheelchair occupant, the vehicle roof may be raised or the floor lowered – where a raised vehicle roof is considered the height of a garage door should be checked where appropriate. Access may be via a side or rear door wheelchair ramp or powered lift. Doors may be operated manually or by remote control. Anchorage of wheelchairs whilst travelling in a vehicle is achieved by clamps and/or floor tracking.

Pedal conversions include:

  • pedal to hand control
  • changing the accelerator pedal from the right to left foot
  • foot pedal extensions and modifications
  • clutch and brake pedal modifications

Other modifications include:

  • gear stick conversions from manual to automatic systems
  • handbrake levers with alternative operation
  • steering wheel and steering controls with alternative operation
  • Door modifications and controls that enable door/tailgate operation tailgates by infrared remote control. Also included are systems to enable the vehicle door to be opened wide to facilitate access.
  • Secondary and/or ancillary controls, such as indicators, lights, and horn. Adaptations may include extension devices for existing controls, floor- or dashboard-mounted controls; infrared switching controls, voice recognition systems and headrest pressure switches.
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Sirus Ford Drive/Upfront
Drive up front wheelchair accessible vehicle with interchangeable driver/passenger seat. Comprises: Lowered floor throughout; Seat up to four people w...
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Sirus VW Caddy 5 Drive/Upfront
Rear entry, Drive From Wheelchair or Up-Front Wheelchair Passenger conversion of the VW Caddy Maxi Life 5. Drive from your wheelchair and switch to up...
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Vw Caddy Drive
Car conversion based on the VW Caddy which allows user to drive from their wheelchair. Comprises: car is accessed by wheelchair via ramp at rear; remo...
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Volkswagen Shuttle Se Drive From Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle
Car adaptation allowing wheelchair user to drive from wheelchair. Comprises: space for six seats plus wheelchair; push and pull hand controls; electri...
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Twin Flip Left Foot Accelerator Pedal
Adaptation fixes to existing accelerator pedal, converting it for use by left foot. Folds onto car floor when not required.
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Throttle Pedal Transfer
Right and left foot accelerator operation by flip over system or transfer of detachable pedal.
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Throttle Lever
Vehicle speed control. Lever mounted under steering wheel, pull up to operate.
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Steering Wheel Spinners
Brace which fits onto car steering wheel, a steering knob or quadriplegic grip can be attached. Adaptable to individual requirements. Two types of bra...
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Steering Wheel Aid
Knob designed to be clamped onto a steering wheel to assist with turning the wheel. Knob is secured by tightening a bolt.
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Steering Spinners
Car steering adaptations. Existing powered steering can also be made lighter.
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Steering Knob
Steering wheel knob which clamps onto the edge of the steering wheel, and rotates on ball bearings for one-handed steering, positioned for left or rig...
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Steering Ball With And Without Quick Release
Steering wheel knob to enable driver with use of only one hand to steer car. Attaches by a banana clamp with rubber feet, onto one side of the steerin...
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R200 Steering Control
Designed for any person who finds driving difficult with two hands, or who can only drive with one hand. Pressing a button on the transmitter sends a ...
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Quick Release Tetra-grip Steering Aid
Ball or peg grips fitted to steering wheel. Can be fitted to rim of steering wheel to accommodate an airbag.
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Power Steering Lightening
Modification to lighten the strength required to operate power steering. A strength assessment maybe required to suit individual requirements. Modific...
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Power Steering
Installing of power steering or lightening of an existing power steering system.
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Pedal Guards
Pedal guard which prevents accidental operation of foot controls.
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Pedal Extension
Extensions for motor vehicle accelerator brake and clutch pedals. Sold in sets or individually. Fits most vehicles. Adjustable, extra length and quick...
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Original Single Lever Brake-throttle Control
Conversion to brake and accelerator controls on automatic cars to enable single lever operation. Lever mounted below steering wheel and can have an in...
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Lynx Hand Control
Hand control designed for use in conjunction with steering ball for drivers with good upper body function, which fits most automatic cars. The control...
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Lodgesons Secondary Control Systems
Infrared switching device mounted with steering wheel knob onto steering wheel. Five, nine and 12-function infrared systems, providing one-handed oper...
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Lodgesons Bleeper System
Single button control to operate nine or 12 functions of vehicle, by type of switch suitable for driver. Bleep sequence programmed to specific operati...
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Lightened Power Assisted Steering
Power steering system, can be installed in range of Ford, Rover, Vauxhall, Peugeot, Renault, Volkswagen, Volvo and Nissan vehicles to driver's require...
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Lighten Brakes
Vehicle foot controls. Adaptations to foot and hand controlled brake for operation by light touch.
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