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Bags, covers and holders

This section includes equipment designed to hold mobility aids, cover wheelchairs and scooters, and provide storage for areas for wheelchair and scooter users. 

Bags and baskets may fit over the backrest, hang on the push handles, sit underneath the seat or attach to the armrest. Some styles which fit under the seat may not be recommended for folding wheelchairs.

Oxygen cylinder holders either fasten to the back of the seat in the style of a rucksack or are or attached via Velcro or loop fastenings.

Trays vary in shape, size and material but will fit most wheelchairs.

Crutch and walking stick holders are bags, clamps and holders which attach walking sticks, crutches and sticks to a wheelchair.

Storage covers protect the wheelchair or scooter when left outdoors.

Seat and hand/controller covers provide protection against the weather when scooter is in use.

Canopies protect the user and scooter from the weather. They usually have rigid frames that fit on most scooters and are usually made of a waterproof material. Most have roll up or opening sides, and may be left on the scooter.

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Back Holdall
Wheelchair or scooter backrest holdall. Comprises: vinyl coating; polyester fabric; top zip opening; carry handle and securing strap. Options include:...
Back Pack Shopping Bag
Wheelchair back pack. Comprises: zip top; back pack can be looped over rear of wheelchair; built in carry handles. Accessories: additional shoulder st...
Backpack Mobility Scooter Bag
Scooter shopping bag. Comprises: designed to accompany larger scooters; made from showerproof nylon; compartments for storage within the bag; carrying...
Backpack Scooter Bag
Back pack scooter bag. Comprises: zip fastening; carry handles; designed to be used on small and medium scooter seats without a headrest.
Backpack with Hook & Loop
Backpack with hook and loop. Comprises: main storage space and smaller front pocket; zipper closure; the strips can be detached from the backpack; the...
Backpack with Push Handle Loops
Backpack with push handle loops and carry handle. Comprises: main pocket and smaller front pocket; zipper closure; the wheel chair handle loops detach...
Captivator Wheelchair Bag
Bag designed for wheelchair users. Comprises: rucksack style; polyester material; one large zipped pocket, multiple smaller zipped pockets; colour con...
Care Wheelchair Bag Adapter
Bag-mounting device which fits onto wheelchair frame. Comprises: adaptor designed to fit most wheelchair frames; adjustable position; locking lever to...
Carrier Bag Hooks
Hooks to attach to the back of a scooter seat for carrying shopping bags. Options: single or dual hooks.
Chest Bag
Bag designed for wheelchair users. Comprises: waterproof material; one large zipped pocket, one smaller zipped pocket and one Velcro-fastened pocket; ...
Coloured Wheelchair Carry Bag
Wheelchair carry bag designed to hang from rear handles when chair is being pushed. Comprises: fabric; removable zip pouch; handle loops; range of col...
Colourmax Maxi Scooter Backpack
Scooter backpack. Comprises: main compartment; smaller front pocket; padded shoulder straps; breathable mesh backing; can be attached to the back of a...
Colourmax Mini Backpack
Mini backpack. Comprises: main compartment; smaller front pocket; waterproof material; padded shoulder straps; breathable mesh backing; can attach to ...
Comfort Holdall
Wheelchair back cushion and waterproof carry bag with zip opening which fits over backrest on wheelchair.
Compact Mobility Bag
Mobility bag. Comprises: holdall with straps and carry handle; zippered compartment; front and back mesh compartments.
Contoured Trays
Made-to-measure trays. Range of features, for example, padded finishes, adjustable width grab bars, range of tray mounting brackets.
Coolbag Backpack
Coolbag backpack. Comprises: backpack with insulated lining; designed to keep stored food and drink cool; exterior pockets and separate internal compa...
Crutch Or Walking Stick Holder For Scooters
Metal crutch and/or walking stick holders with metal brackets and Velcro fastenings for attachment to rear of scooters.
Crutch-stick Holder Bag For Wheelchairs
Bag designed for wheelchair users. Comprises: Velcro fastening; attaches to the back of the wheelchair via loops that slide over the pushing handles; ...
Delta Tiller Cover
Cover designed for mobility scooters with a delta shaped tiller. Comprises: nylon with a see through pane; cuffed opening for access to the handles. ...
Deluxe Lined Scooter Crutch Bag
Wheelchair bag with long pockets designed for crutches. Comprises: fits onto the back of most standard scooters; carry handle; long pockets designed f...
Deluxe Lined Wheelchair Bag
Rucksack style wheelchair carry bag with long looped handles for attachment to the wheelchair backrest. Comprises: waterproof polyester construction; ...
Deluxe Scooter Bag
Padded storage bag designed to be attached to the rear of the seat of a powered scooter. Comprises: waterproof polyester with padded lining; four inte...
Deluxe Scooter Tiller Cover
Scooter tiller cover. Comprises: waterproof; transparent panels; elasticated edges; range of colours.


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