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Wheelchair, buggy and scooter equipment

This section includes replacement parts and accessories for wheelchairs, buggies and scooters.

Clamping systems enable items such as switches or drinks holders to be fixed to a wheelchair, scooter or buggy.

Wheelchair control systems and switches adapt a powered wheelchair or scooter to enable ease of use and control.

Parasols and umbrellas can be attached to a wheelchair and may be adjustable in height and angle.

Fleeces for wheelchairs are regarded as being more appropriate for providing comfort rather than pressure relief. 

Batteries and chargers that suit most mobility scooters and buggies. Included are lead acid batteries (wet-cell), sealed lead acid batteries and gel cell (maintenance-free) batteries. Most are rechargeable. Chargers may plug into the mains or charge from a vehicle battery.

Wheels/castors, push rims, tyres and spokes are available as replacement parts or additions to the existing parts.

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Active Hands Wheelchair Racing Gloves
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Soloc Freedom
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Soloc Uno
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Soloc Connect
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Wheelchair Tissue Holder
Wheelchair attached tissue box holder that has two additional pouches that can hold a mobile phone, drink or other small items. Bag is made from nylon...
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Double Cup Holder
Moulded plastic drink holder. Comprises: tray that holds drinks and food; plastic ring that fits around a cup or bottle. Frame attaches to the arm of ...
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Neater Cup holder
Wheelchair mounted cup holder. Comprises: Cup holder which fits on to wheelchair for hands-free use; Attaches with two releasable cable ties which is ...
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Loopwheels Multi-coloured Classics Suspension Wheels For Wheelchairs
Replacement suspension wheels for wheelchairs. Comprises: carbon springs; aluminium hub; aluminium push rims. Note that the capacity listed refers to ...
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Loopwheels Urban - Suspension Wheels For Wheelchairs
Replacement suspension wheels for wheelchairs. Comprises: carbon fibre springs. Note that the capacity listed refers to the weight of the user and the...
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Loopwheels Extreme
Replacement suspension wheels for off-road wheelchairs. Comprises: carbon spring construction; are suitable for use with power attachments. Note that ...
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Wheelchair Fleece
Pure wool fleece which covers backrest and seat. Attaches to wheelchair handle by two looped straps. Machine washable and fire retardant.
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Two Hands Free Umbrella Kit
Device to enable hands-free use of an umbrella. Comprises: holder with retaining screw to attach to trousers, skirt or belt; clip to attach to T-shirt...
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Loopwheels Suspension Wheels
Shock-absorbing rear wheels with integral suspension. Comprises: double walled aluminium rim, carbon composite loop material, with plastic protective ...
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Portset Freerider USB Wheelchair Charger
A device which connects to the standard wheelchair or scooter power connector so the user can charge devices such as smart phones and satnavs, with a ...
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Universal Switch Mountings
Switch mounting system with choice of lever or knob locking mechanism. Comprises: flexible metal arm adjustable in length and angle; adjustable angle ...
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Latitude Mounting Kit With Universal Mounting Plate
Mounting arm for a range of switches and communication aids. Comprises: universal plate connector; standardised base interface with clamp for mountin...
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Gooseneck Switch Mounting
Heavy duty goose neck mounting arm fitted with a clamp. Suitable for mounting switches and lightweight communication equipment. Also available with a ...
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12V Lucas SLA Scooter Battery
Sealed lead acid battery chargers designed for mobility scooter use.
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Pure Wool Mobility Fleece
Pure wool full seat fleece for scooter or wheelchair.
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Shox Puncture Proof Solid Tyre
Range of puncture proof wheelchair tyres. Comprises: lightly treaded solid tyre. Options: range of diameters; two rim widths; choice of colours.
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Spintek Stratus Wheelchair Wheel
Pair of replacement designer self propelling wheelchair wheels. Comprises: CNC machined from a solid single piece of aluminium; hubs are designed for ...
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Kenda All Terrain Tyre
Range of all terrain wheelchair tyres. Comprises: off-road tread pattern; inflates up to 65psi. Options: range of sizes; choice of sidewall colour.
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Wheely Brella Wheelchair Umbrella
Detachable waterproof umbrella which can be used as protection from the rain or sun. Attaches to wheelchairs, scooters, walkers, tables or chairs with...
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Wheelchair Frame Key Ring
Wheelchair frame key ring. Comprises: designed to be attached to any part of the frame; webbing with clips for attaching. Options: key ring loop or...
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Need More Help?

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