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This section includes desks and tables with assistive features. They are suitable for adults, children or both. Some equipment can be custom-made.

Desks and tables are generally adjustable in height (this may be via manual or powered adjustment), and may be suitable for individual or group use, and some may be suitable for use as a computer table. They may have flat or tilting table tops. Other features may include lipped table tops and braked castors.

Desks and tables with cut-outs enable access for wheelchair users.

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Over Armchair Curved Table
Armchair table. Comprises: adjustable height and angle curved laminated teak table; side table that can be fitted on right hand side or left hand side...
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Vision Height Adjustable Tables
Range of adjustable height tables for adults and children. Comprises: rounded corners; coloured table tops; metal frames; metal static feet. Options i...
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Vision Height Adjustable Table For Children
Range of adjustable height desks for children. Comprises: hand crank; adjustable height; range of colours; metal base; feet and range of table tops. O...
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Study Desk
Range of adjustable height tables for adults and children. Comprises: wooden frame; laminated tilting top; one retaining edge; storage space; top adju...
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Solo Table
Child's mobile table for individual use. Comprises: metal frame; lockable castors; height and angle adjustable work surface via lever handle; cutout a...
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Skm Easywind Activity Tilt Table
Tilting tables suitable for use with a chair or wheelchair. Comprises: metal frame which is manually adjustable in height via a winding mechanism; woo...
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Personal Tilt Desk
Wooden tables with tilting tops for children. Comprises: wooden frame; adjustable height legs; cutout top; tilting top via a knob on side of table. Op...
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Nursery Table
Wooden floor standing tables with 'T' shaped legs. Laminated work surface with cutout and rim on three sides. Height and angle of table can be adjuste...
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Hi Lo Tilting Desk
Desk suitable for children. Comprises: metal frame, adjustable in height via turn handle; tilting table top with sliding base to keep pens and paper i...
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Harlequin Tables
Adjustable height computer tables available in a choice of four bright colours. Comprises: welded design; adjustable height legs; pull-out trays to ho...
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Convert-able Table
Multi-purpose table for adults and children suitable for wheelchair users and for use with standing frames, gait trainers and other seating systems. C...
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ConSet 50127 Child & Young Adult Rectangular Electric Desk
Range of height adjustable desks. Comprises: melamine top, metal frame with crossbar, silver finish; electric height adjustment with integral safety s...
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Conset 50127 Child & Young Adult Rectangular Electric Desk
Height adjustable desk suitable for children and small adults. Comprises: adjustable height, cantilever style metal frame; electrically operated heigh...
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Connect Tables
Range of adjustable height, wooden tables for children. Comprises: wooden frame; melamine top; adjustable height legs; range of three tops, plain, sla...
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Activity Table
Range of adjustable height tables for adults and children. Tubular steel frames with laminated tops with optional cutouts. Locking adjustment is by Al...
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Herman Miller Ratio Sit-Stand Desk
Adjustable height desk. Comprises: electrically operated height adjustable frame; melamine top. Options: range of colours and finishes.
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Liike Dual Motor Sit-Stand Desk
Sit-to-stand desk. Comprises: steel frame; wooden table top; dual motor, button-operated height adjustment; auto-stop if obstruction is detected; memo...
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Zero Gravity Workstation
Zero gravity workstation. Comprises: ergonomic design; adjustable LDC arm, built-in keyboard, mouse tray and CPU holder; can be switched between a sta...
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Variable Height Stainless Steel Worksurface
Variable height stainless steel worksurface. Comprises: fitted with castors, two off braking; adjustable feet.
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Skm Easywind Joystick Access Table
Height adjustable computer table with cut-out for powered wheelchair's control arm. Comprises: beech laminate finish top, metal frame; cut out in tabl...
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Skm Easywind Four Leg Group Table
Height adjustable group table. Comprises: metal frame with crossbar, beech top; manual height adjustment with removable winding handle. Options includ...
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Ropox Ergo Multi-table
Multi-table. Comprises: table top with adjustable cut-out sizes; designed with no braces or crossbars; height can be adjusted using a detachable, wind...
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Personal Table
Adjustable height work table. Comprises: metal frame, adjustable in height via lever operation; four castors, two braked; laminated wooden work surfac...
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Parry Stainless Height Adjustable Table-workstation
Stainless steel height adjustable table-workstation. Comprises: steerable castors; electric finger touch controls. Options: bespoke builds.
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Need More Help?

Need More Help?

If you know that there is a certain product that will help you, feel free to browse through our online catalogue or use our search tool for specific product names. National retailers are listed against each product and you can click on their link to go directly to their website to order that product or contact the retailer for more information. Don't forget to tell them you found their information on our site.

If you are unsure about what you need why not try our AskSARA tool to narrow down your search by considering what areas of daily living you need help with.

If you would prefer to speak to someone for advice about daily living equipment, please contact our Helpline on 0300 999 0004.

Our experienced advisors will help you find the solution to your problem and can send you information on products that might help you, where you can buy equipment and other useful organisations that might be able to help you.

You can also post a question on the Youreable forum. it’s free to join the forum and the community is supportive and knowledgeable. The forum is an online community of and for disabled and older people and their families/carers.

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