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Bed and chair parts, spares and services

This section includes information on companies who hire beds, chairs and mattresses and accessories, and those who sell parts and spares.

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Roho Dual Valve Cushion
Range of Neoprene pressure care rubber cushions. Comprises: system of flexible air cells attached to a flexible base; pump and repair kit. Options inc...
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Air-layer Mattress
Visco-elastic mattress for profiling beds which incorporates an air layer. Comprises: waterproof, vapour permeable cover can be wiped clean; welded se...
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Roho Heal Pads
Pressure relief heel or elbow pads. Comprises: securing straps; neoprene, flexible air cells with adjustable pressure and flexible base. Hire service ...
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Adjustable height and angle footstool with chrome frame, inverted 'T' shaped legs and padded vinyl top. Available for hire.
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Woburn Ultimate Plus Size Bariatric Profiling Bed
Bariatric bed. Comprises: six aluminium side rails; four section profiling bed; variable height adjustable; lockable handset; raise/lower electric bac...
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Shuttle A Series Advanced
Attendant propelled transit chair designed for bariatric use. Comprises: reclines from chair to table position; electrically adjusted; seat assist fun...
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Bariatric Wide Riser Recliner Chair
Riser recliner chair suitable for bariatric use. Comprises: single motor; padded seat; armrests; filled-in sides; leg rest; backrest; push-button hand...
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Barixp Expandable Bed
Width and length expandable profiling bed for heavy duty use available for hire. Comprises: epoxy coated finish; rubberised bump wheels; profiling mat...
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Opera Classic Profiling Bed With Side Rails
Profiling bed with integral side rails. Comprises: four section profiling; fully enclosed head and foot board design; lock down side rail; locking han...
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Theramatic Profiling Only Bed
Powered, variable posture bed. Comprises: metal frame; wood surround; four braked castors; four-section mattress platform; handheld controls on wander...
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Theracare Wide Bed
Extra wide variable posture bed. Comprises: four braked castors; four-section metal mesh mattress platform; powered height adjustment; powered profili...
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Theracare Community Bed
Adjustable height, variable posture bed. Comprises: four braked castors; wooden surround with two side rails; four-section steel mesh mattress platfor...
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Rotoflex 200 Mk2 Bespoke Turning Bed System
Height adjustable powered variable posture domestic bed which moves user through 90 degrees from lying to sitting position on side of bed via rotating...
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Princess 5000 Lateral Tilting Bed
Profiling bed with lateral tilt facility. Comprises: hi/lo adjustable height wooden frame; four-section mattress platform; powered profiling to raise...
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Opera Classic Low Profiling Bed
Low profiling bed. Comprises: fully enclosed head and foot boards; height adjustable; four part electric profiling mattress platform; removable side r...
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Euro 3000 Lm Fortissimo Community Bariatric Bed
Height adjustable heavy duty profiling bed. Comprises: epoxy coated metalwork, removable melamine head and foot boards; four braked swivel castors; f...
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Casa Med Classic Fs Bed
Electrically operated variable posture bed. Comprises: four braked castors; adjustable height, four-section mattress platform; side rails; wooden head...
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Baros Bariatric Acute Expandable Bed
Bed with expandable platform width, designed for bariatric use. Comprises: four section electrically profiling frame; Trendelenburg and reverse Trende...
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Aurum Plus Expandable Bariatric Bed
Variable posture bed designed for bariatric use. Comprises: mobile base on double castors; central braking system; epoxy coated metal frame; adjustabl...
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Whittle Wide Heavy Duty Chair
Range of heavy duty high seat chairs. Comprises: straight legs; padded, contoured seat and backrest; wooden armrests; open sides; pressure relief cush...
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Options Day Chair
High back armchair. Comprises: two rear wheels for transportation of unoccupied chair; steel frame; range of flame retardant upholstery. Can be made-t...
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Galaxy 2000 Bariatric Alternating Air Profiling Replacement Mattress
Alternating air replacement mattress for profiling beds. Comprises: polyurethane, individually replaceable air cells; CPR deflation; 15-minute alterna...
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Partnership Active Pressure Relief Mattress
Pressure relief mattress suitable for use on a double bed where user's partner does not require pressure relief. Comprises: foam frame; alternating ai...
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Hire Of Bed And Sleeping Equipment
Bed accessories available for hire. Range includes: adjustable height cantilever table; blanket cradle; electric mattress raiser; lifting pole; backre...
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Need More Help?

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