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Environmental controllers

This section includes systems and devices that can be used to control a range of household appliances and fittings.

Switch compatible systems that can control a range of household appliances and devices using infra-red and/or radio transmissions. Extra switches can be attached, and many have a 'scanning' capability, which makes operation easier if you have limited dexterity.

Output interfaces and sockets are units controlled by an environmental control system to give operation of household fittings and appliances. For example, universal interfaces could allow an environmental control system to control profiling beds or riser recliner chairs; mains sockets could allow an environmental control system to turn a lamp or radio on/off, and a door opening mechanism can allow an environmental control system to open and close a door. These output devices will only work with an environmental control system, many of them will only work with particular models so check compatibility.

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Grid 3 Software
Text or symbol communication software with speech output. Comprises: can be used with switches, touchscreens, pointing devices, eyegaze, a traditional...
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Mylife X10 DDA Controller

Used to provide the Lifeline Connect with an X-10 output. This enables the Lifeline Connect to send X-10 signals to an X-10 Mains Controller when a...

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Switch2 Single Channel Switch Control
Range of switch control units to interface between mains power and equipment. Comprises: compatible with most types of switch; controls one item of eq...
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Switch2 4 Channel Portable Controller
Range of switch control units to interface between mains power and equipment. Comprises: compatible with most types of switch, and controls up to four...
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Radio Frequency Transmitters
Transmitters which operate all Switch-a-Switch remote control products. Direct towards controller to activate. One transmitter operates number of cont...
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Bjoy Customisable Usb Remote Control
USB remote control. Comprises: designed to control devices in the home from a computer; user can create programmable buttons and scenes; buttons can b...
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Environ Wireless Switch
Wireless switch. Comprises: can be used to control an appliance when used with other products in the EnvirON range; automatic power saving mode; 10 me...
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Grid Pad Pro AAC Device
Touch screen tablet AAC device. Comprises: includes Grid 3 software with symbol and text communication, social media, in built browser, environment co...
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Remo Phone
Cordless phone. Comprises: base unit; handset; hands-free, remote controlled phone calling feature; storage for up to 500 contacts; customisation of s...
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Relax Ir Learning Remote
Switch compatible infrared (IR) learning remote control. Comprises: can control up to eight functions on an IR operated device; standard socket for o...
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Domino Infra-red Universal Remote Controller
Programmable infrared remote control which can learn the control codes from a wide range of televisions, DVDs, video recorders, toys and environmental...
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X10 Main Controller
Socket which can be used in conjunction with a compatible Bed/Chair Occupancy or Property Exit sensors to switch on a light/s when the sensor is activ...
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Remote Control Motion Detector
Wireless PIR remote control that senses heat and movement and switches any Home Easy Receiver on/off for a set period of time. Comprises: selectable t...
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Lightwave Hand Held Remote Control
Remote control for use with manufacturer's remote control sockets and light switches. Comprises: switches on/off or dims up/down; additional 'All Off'...
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Steeper Activ 500 Environmental Controller
Environmental controller comprising computer based unit with integral mounting bracket. Unit combines both radio and infrared controls. System is capa...
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Lightwave WiFi Generation 1 Web Link Control
Smartphone wi-fi web link control. Comprises: Lightwave RF devices can be controlled over the internet or GSM network; designed to control lighting, e...
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Evoplus Environmental Control Device
Environmental control device designed to enable control for automating home devices. Comprises: can be accessed through touch screen or remote switch;...
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Environ Device Management Hub
Device management hub. Comprises: can be paired with up to 6 EnvirON transmitters; when used with IR devices the hub is designed to work as a universa...
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Control Omni Environmental Control
Portable touch screen environmental control. Comprises: touch screen for use with a finger or a stylus; switch compatible, including scanning; interfa...
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Bjoy Control Pro Environmental Controller
Handheld environmental controller. Comprises: keypad with anti-shaking system and 15 programmable buttons; button images can be customised; removable ...
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Andromeda IRZ-Rec4 Receiver
Irz-rec4 out receiver. Comprises: four relay outputs; programmable with GewaLink channels and coded channels; designed to be compatible with older Gew...
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Andromeda Ir-rec Receiver
Programmable receiver. Comprises: two relay outputs; programmable with GewaLink channels and coded channels; designed to be compatible with older Gew...
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Andromeda Ir-detectors
IR-detector. Comprises: designed for use with the manufacturers IR receiver; surface mounting; switch on display; can connect up to five separate IR d...
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