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Plugs and sockets

This section includes power points, plugs and sockets with assistive features.

Electric socket extensions are designed to reposition a socket so that it is more accessible.

Plugs with handles and grips assist with plugging in or removing the plug.  

Plug handles and grips that can be added to existing plugs.  

Remote control socket kits that enable you to turn lamps, radios and some other mains powered devices on/off by remote control. 

Accessories and attachments that may facilitate use, for example sound activated switches, or enhance safety by providing protection from contact with live parts.

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Homecraft Plug Pull
Plastic plug handle. Comprises: 'T' piece handgrip; attaches to electric plug by self-adhesive pad. Can be fixed permanently with glue. May also provi...
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Plug Tugs
Flexible handgrip for three-pin plug. Comprises: flat strip of flexible plastic with three-pin plug cutouts at either end; wraps around plug with cuto...
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It-click-on Plus Mains Controller
Two mains sockets that can be controlled by wired or wireless switches, including latching or timed operation. Comprises: two switch sockets; wireless...
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Talking Timestat
Time switch with two independent seven-day timers, a thermostat and frostat. Comprises: eight buttons; functions can be used separately or in combinat...
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Wireless Plug-In Remote Control Sockets
Wireless remote controlled socket kit. Comprises: transmitter; three receiver sockets; sockets can be controlled through walls, doors and glass.
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Wi-fi Smart Plug
Plug-in smart socket designed to be used to control appliances within the home. Comprises: socket with built-in radio receiver that enables pairing...
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Sensio Powerpod+ Pop-up Power Socket
Powerpod and pop-up power socket. Comprises: three gang power socket with two USB ports; power switch; can be retracted fully while products are still...
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Remote Controlled Sockets
Remote controlled electric sockets operated by a hand control to let you remotely turn off domestic appliances. Comprises: remote control plugs design...
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Radio Controlled 4 Gang Extension Lead
Radio controlled extension lead. Comprises: socket can be individually controlled using the radio frequency remote control or all sockets can be cont...
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Pulg Plug Aid
Plug attachment designed to assist those with a weak grip to remove plugs. Comprises: lever design to assist with plug removal.
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Pop Up Mains Sockets
Pop up mains socket. Comprises: screwless faceplate; auto lock function; retractable hidden function; renewable fuse cartridge; three 13A sockets; 2G...
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Plug Pulls
Plug handle comprising a flexible plastic strip which fits over the pins of the plug and forms a looped handle at the rear. Fits any standard UK three...
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Plug Pulls
Device which is designed to help the user identify a plug and assist in the removal of the plug. Comprises: retracting plastic handle which can be lab...
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Lockable Plug Cover For Double Sockets
Plug cover for double socket with key lock to ensure essential home appliances cannot be unplugged or turned off. Comprises: Comes with two keys.
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Lightwaverf Remote Controlled On-off Sockets
Remote controllable on/off sockets for use with manufacturer's remote controls or a smartphone. Comprises: three sockets and one remote supplied; sock...
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iClick Mains Controller
Mains controller. Controls electrical appliances through an iPad. Comprises: iClick mains controller; two independently controlled sockets; supports S...
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Handisocket Double Socket Extension
Vertical plug extension converting low wall socket to a higher position. Comprises: one-piece, wall-mounted double electrical socket; wiring to 13a fu...
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Three-pin electrical plug with integral, moulded plastic, looped handle.
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Foot Switch
Footswitch. Appliances can be operated by foot pedal once main unit has been plugged into a wall socket. Can help those with reduced mobility. Compris...
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Energy Saving Plug Timer
Time controlled countdown mains timer. Comprises: timer switches off the attached equipment after a pre-selected time any time from fifteen minutes to...
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Easypull Plug Aid
Plug grip. Comprises: over-grip adjustable to plug shape and size; ergonomic handle.
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Andromeda Remote Control Socket
Remote control socket. Comprises: built-in on and off button with blue indicator light; can be moved between different wall sockets; can be controlled...
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30 Minute Rundown Timer Plug
Plug in mains socket which automatically turns appliances off after a preset period of 30 minutes. Comprises: Rated at 13A / 3000W.
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Need More Help?

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