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Cleaning and laundry equipment

This section includes equipment that may assist with cleaning the house and doing the laundry.

Vacuum cleaners and powered sweepers that may be lighter in weight, have adapted controls or may function automatically.

Long handled dustpans and brushes may assist you if you have difficulty bending to the floor to use a regular dustpan and brush. Some have a lid which closes automatically when lifted from the floor.  

Mops, dusters and window wipers that are longer or adjustable in length may help you clean awkward spaces, prevent you from over reaching, or may assist if you have pain or stiffness in your wrists, elbows or shoulders.

Wall-mounted, pull out and table top ironing boards. Pull out boards are usually made to fit into suitably sized drawer space in kitchen cabinets, with the board fixed to pull-out runners. Wall mounted boards can be fixed at a height that allows you to sit during ironing, but can be folded against the wall when not in use. Table top boards can be placed on a table which may enable you to sit whilst ironing - they tend to be smaller than standard ironing boards and therefore may not be as appropriate to use when ironing larger items.  

Clothes dryers including adjustable height washing lines or racks may assist if you have mobility difficulties or if you use a wheelchair, as a standard washing line may be difficult to reach. A tumble dryer is an alternative way to dry clothes if you are unable to use a clothes rack or washing line.

Bottle holders may enable you to carry bottles or filled by users who find it difficult to reach for or hold them in place, due to reduced strength in the arms and hands or a limited range of movement.  

Brushes, scourers and holders are designed to assist with washing dishes, but may also be used for other household cleaning tasks. Included are sponge holders with moulded handles, sponges with longer handles and scrubbers with adjustable grips. These can be useful if you have reduced movement in your wrists or hands, or experience pain in hand, arm or shoulder joints. 

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Long Handled Dust Pan And Brush
Dustpan and brush both with long handles. Handle of the brush is set at an angle and clips onto dustpan when not in use.
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Tuffie Surface Wipes
Tuffie Surface Wipes These extremely durable Tuffie Surface Wipes are supplied in a tub of 200 wipes.
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Clinell Antibacterial Wipes
Clinell Antibacterial Wipes These Clinell Antibacterial Wipes are incredibly effective hand and surface cleaning wipes that utilise a unique, alcohol ...
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Scrubrite Pan Cleaner & Scourer
Pan cleaner and scourer. Comprises: designed to aid those with low dexterity; scourer is designed to slip onto the user's hand; made from steel wool a...
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Miele GuideLine Washing Machine
Washing machine with accessible features. Comprises: front-loading unit; tactile control panel with visual contrast located on front of unit; audio pr...
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Telescopic Duster
Telescopic duster with dust collecting head. Comprises: one duster; extendable handle.
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OXO Good Grips Extending Tub & Tile Scrubber
Long handled cleaning aid. Comprises: steel construction; extendable shaft; pivoting scrubber head; hanging loop.
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Multi-change Window Washer
Window washer head designed to be used with manufacturer's handles, available separately. Comprises: washer with integrated swivel joint; adjustable t...
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Multi-change Brooms And Brushes
Range of brush heads designed for use with manufacturer's lightweight handle. Comprises: designed to be used with lightweight handle (not included). O...
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Long Handled Window Washer
Window washer with telescopic plastic handle, rubber squeegee and foam head.
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Pull-out Ironing Board
Pull out ironing board concealed within a drawer housing when not in use.
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Oxo Good Grips All Purpose Non Slip Grip Scrub Brush
Scrubbing brush. Comprises: contoured handle with soft, slip-resistant grip; stiff outer bristles; soft inner bristles.
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Multi-change Window Wiper & Handle
Window wiper and small handle. Comprises: broad wiper with rubber lip and integrated swivel joint; adjusts due to integrated hinge mechanism. Options...
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Long Handled Dustpan & Brush
Dustpan and brush both with long plastic handles. Handle of brush is set at an angle and pan handle is vertical. Brush clips onto dustpan handle when ...
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Long Handled Bottle Holder
Long handled milk bottle holder and carrier. Comprises: nylon coated wire basket; long looped handle. Designed for lifting up to two bottles from the ...
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Lift-o-matic Rotary Dryer
Adjustable height rotary washing line made of aluminium. Comprises push-button on central pillar attachment which allows line to be adjusted to choice...
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Need More Help?

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