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Household aid adaptations

This section includes handgrips, clamps, cuffs and supports to help with using a range of household items.

Foam tubing and finger yokes. Foam tubing may be used to adapt the grip of standard cutlery or other utensils to make it easier to use, for example to increase the width of a spoon. Finger yokes support your fingers on the handle of the cutlery in the best position to undertake a task, for example stabilising the index finger and/or the thumb.

Handgrips and attachments include handles and arm supports that can be attached to a range of objects, and may provide enhanced grip and an ability to hold things with greater firmness and a more comfortable hand position. Some allow some of the weight of a tool to be taken through the forearm. Add-on handles and gripping aids can be used for other items such as golf, sports and cleaning equipment to assist you to use a long handled tool in an upright or sitting position. Some handles are universal in design, meaning they can be used with a range of items such as pens and toothbrushes.

Handgrips for attachment to cutlery are designed for specific cutlery ranges. A larger grip on cutlery or utensils means that your fingers don't need to be wrapped tightly around the cutlery in order to grip it securely. This can be helpful if you have pain in your hands or are unable to form a tight grip. Contoured handles are shaped to fit the contours of your hand, allowing a more secure grip of the handle. Some contoured handles also have finger indentations or are made from slip-resistant materials, helping to prevent your hand from slipping forward.

Forearm supports and stabilisers may assist with eating or drinking. These can be attached to a tray or table top and may help reduce tremor or uncontrolled movements during eating or drinking tasks. They may also be used for other tasks such as writing, computing and personal care, e.g. shaving.

Equipment to secure items in place including art and craft, photographic material, instruments or magnifiers. Items can be secured and positioned on a table or on a wheelchair. Bed attached clamping systems or holders enable objects such as cups and mirrors to be fixed to the bed frame or headboard in a convenient position.

Weighted cuffs may reduce hand tremors when writing or completing personal care tasks.

Abiligrip Adapted Foam Grips
Enlarged handgrips for attachment to cutlery, writing and craft implements. Constructed of brightly coloured soft foam.
Active Hands Looped Exercise Aid
Device to assist the user when gripping a wide range of items for example gym equipment, handlebars and tools. Comprises: an adjustable padded wrist s...
Armon Edero Mobile Arm Support
Mountable arm support. Comprises: aluminium construction; manually operated by user when arm is placed in the brace; spring mechanism compensates for ...
Armon Elemento Powered Arm Support
Mountable arm support. Comprises: aluminium construction; electrically operated by user when arm is placed in the brace; suitable for left or right ha...
Coloured Closed Cell Foam Tubing
Tubular foam to enlarge the diameter of writing implements or utensil handles. Dishwasher safe. Range of colours available.
Cylindrical Foam Padding
Foam tubing designed to be used to build up the handles of cutlery or other household items to facilitate grip. Cut to required length.
Daylight Double Flexi-clamp
Flexible metal arm with two spring clamps. One end can be attached to a table or tray, and the other end can be used for holding a pattern or magnifie...
D-ring Gripping Aids
Wrist attached aids designed to help individuals when using gym equipment. Comprises: fabric aid is attached to the wrist via a Velcro strap; Velcro s...
Easi-Grip Add On Handles
Add-on handles which enable conventional garden tools to be converted into ergonomic tools. Comprises: plastic handles with soft feel grip which attac...
Ergo Rest Mobile Arm Support
Dynamic forearm support. Comprises padded trough on triple jointed arm which clamps onto table top. Enables movement in horizontal plane. Options incl...
Ezimate Back Saving Accessory
Plastic handles which can be attached to a range of tools or appliances in order to provide an additional and/or alternative grip position to facilita...
Functional Hand Splint
Hand splint suitable for holding a range of utensils including cutlery. Comprises: bulb-shaped handle; apertures at both ends into which utensil can b...
General Purpose Gripping Aid
Device to assist the user in gripping a wide range of objects for example hand tools, gardening implements and sports equipment such as snooker cues a...
Grabzi Grab Bar
Grab bar designed to provide a secure anchor point for one hand perhaps enabling the user to complete functional tasks with the other hand. Comprises:...
Groovz Stable Arm Guide
Supportive wrist guide designed to stabilise the arm while completing tasks at a desk, tray or other surface. Comprises: attaches to surfaces with Ve...
Hook Aids
Hook aids. Designed to help the user to grip and release equipment, in particular while in the gym or as part of an exercise activity. Comprises: stai...
Kings Built Up Sleeves
Contoured PVC sleeves to fit over Slim Kings Handle. Includes small and large contoured sleeves with finger indentations and oval sleeve tapered at bo...
Kings Cutlery Handles
Range of plastic handgrips, for use with Kings cutlery utensils. Handgrip fits onto plastic spigot at end of cutlery head. Range includes: curved shap...
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