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This section includes scissors with assistive features. They are suitable for adults, children or both.

Kitchen and household scissors can be used either for cutting food, crafts such as cutting paper, dressmaking and embroidery, or household tasks like opening tray packaging. Included are scissors with soft touch and/or enhanced grip, long loop or extended loop scissors, self-opening scissors and scissors for left-handed use. Most are available in rounded (which are safer) or pointed blades (which are sharper).

Children's scissors including self-opening, left handed, training and/or scissors with large handles.

Roller cutters and battery powered scissors are designed primarily for craft materials such as paper or leather, others are suitable for cutting fabric or layers of materials such as those used in quilting.  

Table top scissors have a small stand (often with a slip-resistant base) and are operated by pushing down to depress the handle. They can be used with one hand only and may be useful if you have tremor or difficulty with fine movements. Many table top scissors can be changed from handheld to table top use as the scissors slide in/out of a separate base. Table top scissors are self-opening with a spring which automatically reopens the scissors after each cut or when pressure is released. They can be operated with the whole hand, not just the fingers, making them a possible choice if you have a thumb injury or reduced grip. 

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Easi-grip Scissors
Scissors with moulded nylon handles forming a continuous loop, which acts as a spring to open automatically after each cut. Comprises: stainless steel...
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Long-loop Self-opening Scissors
Self-opening scissors. Comprises: stainless steel blades; spring fitting re-opens the scissors after pressure has been released; blade guard for when ...
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Push Down Table Top Scissors
Self-opening table top scissors. Comprises: stainless steel blades with rounded or pointed ends; two 'T' shaped handles; blade guard. Blades available...
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Self Opening Kitchen Scissors
Spring-loaded scissors with self-opening mechanism. One handle comprised of single shaft, other handle is looped. Safety catch secures scissors when n...
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Table Top Scissors With Plastic Base
Self-opening scissors fixed on to a plastic or wooden base. Comprises: base with rubber slip-resistant underside; stainless steel, sprung blades; 'T' ...
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Standard Left Hand Scissors
Stainless steel scissors with rounded blades and plastic handles for left handed use.
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Self-opening Scissors
Spring-assisted craft scissors for right handed use. Choice of colour available.
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Self Opening Scissors with Cutting Assistance
Self opening scissors suitable for children. Comprises: rounded blades; spring loaded handles.
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Self Opening Scissors
Self-opening children's scissors. Comprises: spring loading; standard plastic handles; rounded ends; stainless steel blades; guard. Left or right hand...
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Self Opening Scissors
Scissors. Comprises: Spring assisted opening; centimetre markings on blade; plastic handles. Options: available for either right handed or left handed...
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Rotary Cutter
Rotary cutter with long ergonomic handle and retractable blade. Comprises: safety locking system; can be adapted for right and left hand use; cuts thr...
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Mounted Table Top Scissors With Wooden Base
Self-opening scissors fixed on to a wooden base. Comprises: wooden base with Dycem strips to give slip-resistance; stainless steel, sprung blades; 'T'...
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Mini Easi-grip Scissors For Adults Craftwork Or Nail Care
Compact self-opening scissors. Comprises: loop handle with contoured grips; scissors re-open when pressure on grips is released; pointed blade; blade ...
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Long Loop Scissors
Scissors which have one standard sized loop and one extended loop. Long loop handle allows the strength of the middle, ring and little finger to be us...
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Long Loop Easi-grip Scissors
Scissors which have part nylon handle and part long loop handle. Comprises: long loop handle allows the strength of the middle, ring and little finger...
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Long Loop Dual Handled Help Scissors
Scissors with two handles to enable an adult to guide a child to cut safely. Comprises: long looped dual grip handles; colour coded for right and left...
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Long Loop Aid Scissors
Long looped scissors for children to fit the whole hand in when cutting. Comprises: made from ABS plastic; colour coded for right and left hand use. O...
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Expert Left-handed Scissors
Left-handed scissors with moulded grips.
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Dual Control Training Scissors
Training scissors for left or right handed use. Comprises: stainless steel blades; dual grip plastic handles; two sets of loops. Range of shapes, size...
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Classmates Dual Control Scissors
Training scissors. Comprises: stainless steel blades; four plastic finger holes; rounded ends; left or right handed. Enables two-handed use, or use by...
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Need More Help?

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