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Stools and trolleys

This section includes household trolleys that may assist when transporting food and drink, and other small items, from room to room, and step stools with assistive features. 

Household trolleys may have a metal or wooden frame. They have wheels of various sizes, larger wheels will generally negotiate door thresholds, changes in floor surface and longer pile carpets better than small wheeled trolleys. Some trolleys have a single shelf, while others have two. Trolleys with two shelves will often have the lower shelf positioned further forward, or with a cut-out, to allow space as you step forward.

Step stools may have slip-resistant platforms and/or tall loop handrails, but they do not have wheels. Some fold for storage.

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Adjustable Height Plastic Shelf Trolley
Metal framed adjustable height household trolley. Comprises: four castors; telescopic legs; two heat-resistant laminated shelves with three lipped edg...
Adjustable Height Trolley
Metal framed household trolley. Comprises: height adjustable; detachable plastic trays; angled handles; swivel castors; epoxy coated steel frame.
Adjustable Height Trolley With Plastic Shelves
Adjustable height household trolley. Comprises: four castors; tubular metal frame; two detachable plastic shelves with lipped edges; parallel handrail...
Adjustable Height V-shaped Trolley
Adjustable height household trolley. Comprises: four castors; epoxy coated, tubular metal frame; two detachable plastic shelves with four lipped edges...
Adjustable Walsall Trolley
Metal framed household trolley. Comprises: four castors; two heat-resistant shelves of equal size; side push handrails. Adjustable version features te...
Bardon Trolley
Mobile trolley. Comprises: metal frame; four braked castors; wood finish; plastic detachable trays; set-forward trays; tubular handles.
Chrome Plated Steel Framed Footstool With Handrail
Step stool with handrail. Comprises: chrome plated; four rubber ferrules; stool surface has slip-resistant rubber mat.
Chrome Step Stool With Handle
Step with handrail. Comprises: chrome plated finish frame and chrome plated handrail; rubber handrail grip; non-slip rubber surface; rubber ferrules.
Deluxe Height Adjustable Trolley
Height adjustable trolley. Comprises: frame with four castor wheels; two handles with hand brakes; two detachable trays; the lower tray is set forward...
Derwent Trolley
Wooden framed household trolley available in three models. Comprises: two shelves; covered in melamine, designed to cope with hot dishes; handle; cast...
Dorchester Trolley
Trolley. Comprises: two handles designed to give the user a sense of controlled movement; plastic trays clip on and off; trays have retained edges and...
Double Step Stool With Handerail
Double step stool with handrail. Comprises: plastic coated steel; non-slip platform steps; rubber ferrules.
Duo 200 Walking Trolley
Trolley with height adjustable frame and sliders. Comprises: steel frame; front castors, and rear sliders with curved nylon base; two trays. Options: ...
Foot Stool With Handrail
Rigid framed step stool with one platform style step. Comprises: four legs with rubber ferrules; slip-resistant rubber covered platform; coated tubula...
Handy Support Stool
Step stool with one platform and hand rail. Comprises: tubular steel; four legs with rubber ferrules; anti-slip mat; foam handle grip.
Handy Trolley With Brakes
Metal framed household trolley with brakes. Comprises: height adjustable handles; lockable hand brakes; detachable plastic trays with lips.
Heathcote Trolley
Metal framed adjustable height household trolley. Comprises: four castors; two wooden shelves bordered by side rails on three sides; sloped tubular pa...
Height Adjustable Kitchen Strolley Trolley with Brakes
Wheeled household trolley. Comprises: metal frame; two rear wheels; two front castors; wheel guards; two detachable trays with raised edges; adjustabl...
Height Adjustable Strolley Trolley
Household trolley. Comprises: castors manufactured from polypropylene; height adjustable; trays designed to clip on and off to facilitate cleaning; ca...
Home Helper Trolley
Trolley. Comprises: frame with four wheels; two removable trays with raised lips; the lower tray is positioned forward in the frame to help the user w...
Home Helper Trolley
Trolley. Comprises: frame on wheels; two removable trays with raised lips; bottom tray is angled forward; trolley requires assembly without tools. Opt...
Homecraft Folding Walsall Trolley
Adjustable height household trolley which can be folded for storage and transportation. Comprises: four castors; folding tubular steel frame with side...
Homecraft Newstead Trolleys
Range of fixed height, wooden framed household trolleys. Comprises: four castors; two melamine covered shelves, lower shelf inset; three lipped edges;...
Homehelp Trolley
Adjustable height household trolley. Comprises: four castors; tubular metal frame; two moulded plastic shelves with four lipped edges; two recesses on...


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